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Star Trek: Dark Horizon is a fan fiction series created and written by Michael Gray. The series began in 2002 with the publication of the first story, Forms Change. Dark Horizon centers around Captain Jack McCall and the crew of the Oceana-class USS Chamberlain, and (initially), their mission to explore the Kel-j'na Region.

As of November 2007, the series is half-completed with 14 full-length stories and a handful of shorter tales and drabbles have been published. The second half will advance the story several years, with the interim covered by the Tales of Transition, a collection of short stories written by Gray and various guest authors, including Joseph Manno of Star Trek: Liberty and Cleve Johnson of Star Trek: Providence.

Published stories[]


  • "Forms Change"
  • "Enemies and Allies"
  • "The Power of the Vision"


  • "Temptations of Redemption"
  • "Point of a Far Encounter"
  • "The Keys to Abaddon"
  • "Shades of Darkness"
  • "What Beckoning Ghost"
  • "These Wounds"


  • "I Had a Good Life"
  • "Where I Belong"
  • "Strange New World"
  • Intermediate short stories and drabbles:
    • "Wife and Mother"
    • "Mentor"
    • "Ambition"
    • "The Promise"
    • "Incurable"
    • "A New Life"
    • "Sleep"
    • "An Old Life"
  • "Desire and Sacrifice"
  • "The Waste Land"


Tales of Transition

  • "The Fisher King"
  • "Act Your Age" (by Joseph Manno)
  • "Last Word"
  • "The Road Not Taken"
  • "Freedom Of Information Act"
  • "A Price To Pay"
  • "Paved With Good Intentions"
  • "When The Magic Ends"
  • "A Chance Encounter" (by Cleve Johnson)
  • "Guilt With A Chaser Of Regret, Please"
  • "Pink Slip"
  • "The Birthday Card"
  • "A Voice In the Wilderness"
  • "Acceptance"
  • "Fall From Grace"
  • "A Game of Chess"
  • "Duty"
  • "Ablution"
  • "Portents Of The Coming Gyre"
  • "Winter Solstice"
  • "Jumping To Conclusions"
  • "Paradise Lost"
  • "A Family Affair"
  • "A Good Deed"

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