Star Trek: Discovery was a Star Trek fanfic, and a spin-off of Star Trek: Constance. Unlike other fanfics, it centered around two ships, the USS Discovery in 2431 and the NX-04 Discovery in 2161, the latter being a holonovel based on the voyages of the NX-04.

The fanfic, along with others in this series, also made references to Star Trek: Hidden Frontier and its spin-offs.

The two discoveriesEdit

The idea for the NX-04 being a holonovel is attributed to the season finale of Star Trek: Enterprise's use of the NX-01's final mission. Instead of limiting it to one mission, the author decided to mix the two together for one story by making the holograms self-aware to better have them interact with the crew.

Despite being several hundred years apart, the two ships share similarities in their missions, both of which helped bring Starfleet back to the ideals of exploration following periods of conflict. They also had the Tholians in common as an adversary in both time periods in periods of major conflict with the Tholians.


The primary theme of Star Trek: Discovery was the idea of returning to exploration, of facing down enemies even under the most extreme of circumstances. But also, with the inclusion of the NX-04 Discovery, it also focuses on the importance of learning from history as it pertains to the present, and to preserving the past.

Main charactersEdit

USS DiscoveryEdit

NX-04 DiscoveryEdit

  • Captain Marie Todd
    • Commanding Officer
  • Commander Benjamin Draako
    • First Officer
  • Dr. Saakume (Vulcan Female)
    • Chief Medical Officer
  • Lt. Commander Tanya Horwitz (Human Female)
    • Chief Science Officer
  • Ensign Lera Kesta (Trill Female)
    • Comm officer

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