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Star Trek: Distant Horizons is the home of a Play-by-email roleplaying game and associated starship and character materials.

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From the Distant Horizons website:

"The year is 2430 and the mighty United Federation of Planets is bigger and better than ever... well at least bigger. With the expansion of the borders and the enlisting of new, less sophisticated or even not as technologically evolved worlds into its ranks, many believe that the Federation has become too large to govern itself. Those who fall behind this idea use the lack of security and the somewhat more relaxed laws that are present on the outer edge of the Federation. Others, mostly those who have their home worlds deep inside Federation territory, believe that these reports of misconduct amongst delegates to those outer regions are greatly exaggerated and that the laws of the Federation are being enforced as they should be."

Members participate through writing a "post" in which they describe in a narrative third-person omniscient style events and actions taken by not only their character but everyone involved in the story. Unlike other PBEM RPGs, this Distant Horizons allows players to write for all characters, not just their own, allowing them to see their character grow through the writings of others.

Members are asked to write at least once a week, although part-time players can do so less frequently. If able to participate more often, players are encouraged to do so, adding their unique twists to the story on a more frequent basis.

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