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Star Trek: Eclipse is a fan fiction story written by Julia Finitevus.

The story starts in the first person in the prologue, which is revealed to be a starship log by Ziranne. The rest of the story itself is written in the third person point of view. This is to allow more flexibility in the storyline while at the same time giving a glimpse of Ziranne's emotions and how she felt when she was first joined.


Ziranne Kaz must learn to deal with controlling her previous hosts while at the same time, assist Elim Garak and Julian Bashir in hunting down the Jem'Hadar rebels, who are intent on assassinating the new President of the United Federation of Planets. But it appears that the Jem'Hadar rebels are not just out to murder the President of the United Federation, but to do damage that could cripple the entire Alpha Quadrant itself.