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Star Trek: False Vacuum is a fan fiction series, started in 2014, whose pilot episode was completed on April 11, 2015. The first season of the series takes place aboard the USS Antechrist and is set in 2415.

Episode guide[]

Season 1[]

Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Episode 1 "Asteroid Dusting" 2015 An asteroid impacted Vrauzon and the Antechrist is dispatched to the planet in order to distribute a shipment of vacuum cleaners to the local residents, including the Quendelton area. 92024.66 2415
Episode 2 "Thesis Dilemma" 2015 Anastasia Volzhin, now a professor at Quendelton State, have to advise a masters student on making a choice of a Doctor of Philosophy program. 92076.72 2415
Episode 3 "Structural Unemployment" 2015 After detecting signals from an old ship, the Antechrist investigates the source and discovers the source of the subspace jamming... which dates back to the ISC War of Pacification. 92117.00 2415
Episode 4 "Black Tornado" 2015 Unity One Starbase asks the Antechrist to recapture prisoners. Little do they know that they find relics from an ancient Klingon battle. 92140.66 2415
Episode 5 "Pothole Omnium" 2015 Q'Naabian pirates issue an invitation to take part in a golf tournament in exchange for an engineering team made prisoner. 92183.45 2415
Episode 6 "Wagon Train to the Stars" 2015 The Hydran Governor-General of Krant invites crewmen from the Antechrist to take part in a scientific experiment, which turned out to be a trick. 92210.00 2415

Season 2[]

Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Episode 1 "Arthur Porter and the Corpse of Azkapanama" 2015 False Vacuum Squadron discovers that a businessman accused of embezzling Starfleet materials was murdered by poisoning. 92280.00 2415
Episode 2 "Murder Grove" 2015 False Vacuum Squadron uncovers new leads in this murder investigation and Unity Three Starbase ground facilities get attacked. 92283.17 2415
Episode 3 "Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me" 2015 Catherine Mouranger and Dunames Lopez both get to relive major events of their lives that happened at age 16 after entering a vortex 92330.53 2415
Episode 4 "Pledge of the Protester" 2015 Dunames Lopez realizes that she broke a pledge she made, alongside her old undergraduate friends, regarding law school 92754.33 2415
Episode 5 "Scrap Yard Vegas" 2015 Starfleet battles a station belonging to a pirate cartel in the Scrap Yard, a dense asteroid field 93001.47 2416
Episode 6 "No plot? No problem!" 2016 Janielle Potvin gets an opportunity to become a credited author at Carnegie Mellon University press 93832.21 2416


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