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You may also be looking for Star Trek: Distant Horizon.
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Star Trek: Far Horizons (abbreviated FH) is a fan fiction series created by Travis Cannon which follows the adventures of the crew of the USS Horizon (NCC-91901). It was previously entitled "Star Trek: New Horizons". The series is a spin-off of Travis Cannon's Star Trek: Pioneer fan fiction series.

Canon and continuity[]

The continuity of Star Trek: Far Horizons includes all canon works:

Other works considered canon:


The USS Horizon, an Emperor-class starship, was equipped with an experimental folded space drive, dubbed a jump drive. During the test, the Horizon becomes lost in an unknown region of space. The navigation system has been fried and the jump drive takes 48 hours to recharge before another jump can be attempted. The crew are lost and each jump they make is based on random coordinates that the computer generates. With casualties and unexpected burdens, they continue on, hoping that each jump might bring them a step closer to home.




1.00 - "Horizon"

Season 1[]

1.01 - "Jump"
1.02 - "Stranded"
1.03 - "Conglomeration"
1.04 - "Sanctuary"

Planned episodes[]

1.05 - "Night"
1.06 - "Alice"
1.07 - "Wormhole"
1.08 - "Blue"
1.09 - "Hive"
1.10 - "White Rabbit"

Crew Logs[]

Throughout the series, blog-style logs from Horizon crew members were posted.

Season 1[]

CL 1.01 - "Lost" - Jack Keller
CL 1.02 - "Jack is back!" - Kelly Saunders
CL 1.03 - "sick" - Donald Hutchby
CL 1.04 - "Worried about Rutledge" - Janice Pelar
CL 1.05 - "In need of a safe harbor" - James Morgan


Main Characters[]


Minor characters[]

"Behind the scenes"[]

  • Star Trek: Far Horizons was inspired by a story by Austin Wagner-Cannon, in which a ship that has an experimental drive opens up wormholes to travel through space. However, the crew are unable to control where the wormhole takes them. When Travis Cannon decided to develop this into a Star Trek-based fan fiction series, he attached it to his Star Trek: Pioneer series by making it a spin-off, and having it take place concurrently with season six and onward of Star Trek: Pioneer.
  • Many episodes employed the literary technique known as in medias res; having the story begin during the middle or at the end of the narrative, then going back to the start of the action to so how things got there.

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