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Star Trek Freedom is a group on Deviant Art dedicated to Star Trek.

Setting[edit | edit source]

Star Trek Freedom takes place in the year 2523, and follows the adventures of the crew of the USS Espial Grace, and the 26th century Federation.

In the 26th century, the Federation has made allies of the Romulan Star Empire. Starfleet has traveled beyond the Milky Way Galaxy into the rest of the local group.

There is also the beginning of a threat from a group of Vulcan dissidents. The attempt to restore the Vulcans to a galactic power, and have made an alliance with both the Breen and the Tholians.

Themes[edit | edit source]

Despite the conflicts during the last 100 years, Starfleet has taken advantage of the peace to return to exploration and its original mission of seeking out new forms of life and new civilizations, and has gone even further than they had once believed.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The crew list is incomplete, as not everyone has been made.

Starfleet:[edit | edit source]

  • Admiral Gregory H. Barker [Male Human]
  • Captain Tanner J. Frame (Commanding Officer) [Male Human]
  • Commander Kelsey M. Covaks (First Officer) [Female Human]
  • Jason Carter (Second Officer) [Male Human-Betazoid Hybrid]
  • Milonis Adohon (Chief CONN/Helmsman) [Male Lorillian]
  • Gaa Slaun (Senior Officer's personal chef) [Female Gorn sub-species]
  • Rami Ylek (Chief of Security/Tactical Chief) [Female Bajoran]
  • T'pan (Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical Chief) [Male Vulcan]
  • Nathan Strong (Security Officer) [Male Human]
  • Sergei Chevutnik (Security Officer) [Male Human]
  • Fhor'tress (Security Officer) [Male(?) Excalbian]
  • Twr'elk Zeria (Chief Engineer) [Female Anthropomorphic Wolf-like being]
  • Henry Foley (Assistant Chief Engineer) [Male GENEX]
  • J'norri (Engineering Officer) [Female Ferengi-Saurian Hybrid]
  • L'Ann (Chief Medical Officer) [Female Caitian]
  • Sarkin (Chief Counselor) [Male Vulcan]
  • T'Kah (Assistant Chief Counselor) [Male Vulcan]
  • Slovek (Science Head) [Male Vulcan-Romulan Hybrid]
  • Lanae (Science Officer) [Female Athenan]
  • Jex (Science Officer) [Bimorphian]
  • Master Sergeant Clinton Kelly (Marine Head) [Male Human]
  • Drash Laisa (Captain of the USS Challenger) [Female Bajoran]

Civilian[edit | edit source]

  • Davis Viermir (Civilian Head) [Male Human(?)]
  • Kelnar Nisepi (Civilian/Prisoner) [Male Betazoid]

Trine University[edit | edit source]

  • Ken O'Brainson (Cadet) [Male Human]
  • Brakert Omarly (Cadet) [Male Human]
  • Joshua Cline (Cadet) [Male Human]

The FOX Unit[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Star Wolf (Commanding Officer) [Female Human]
  • Commander Swift Cobra (First Officer) [Saurian]
  • Lieutenant Feisty Crow (Tactical Officer) [Ferengi]
  • Liquid Falcon (Special Operations) [Undine]

Vulcan Restoration[edit | edit source]

  • Administrator S'val [Male Vulcan]
  • Commander Sakonna [Female Vulcan]

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Hasth [Male Ma'lau]

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