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Star Trek: Guardian is an upcoming fan film series set in the same continuity as Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, Star Trek: Intrepid and Star Trek: Dark Armada. It will also feature elements from the canceled series, Star Trek: Horizon. The series centers around the events of the Federation starship, the USS Guardian.

Production History[]

While working on Star Trek: Dark Armada, writer Daniel Brongers felt that more stories could be told, especially since Dark Armada was in continuity with Hidden Frontier and Intrepid. Daniel eventually decided to make a series on his own, which was later revealed to be Star Trek: Guardian. Daniel will release the series via his own company: Brongers Entertainment.

Star Trek: Guardian is currently in pre-production stage, with its pilot episode - 'Maiden Voyage' - scheduled to be released sometime in 2015 and will be available for viewing on YouTube. Justin R. Durban will compose the music and Tobias Richter will provide CGI effects and animations for the series. On 19 february 2015, Cory Mahler has been announced as the show's sound designer. In november it was announced that Justin dropped out of the project. He was replaced by Matt Milne.


  • Frans Kailola as Admiral Sullivan Roth


Season 1 (2382)[]

  • Episode 1: "Maiden Voyage"
  • Episode 2: "Silence Before the Storm"
  • Episode 3:

Season 2 (2383)[]

  • Episode 1:
  • Episode 2: "Death in Paradise"
  • Episode 3: "Katana"

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