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Star Trek Guenidier is the tale of a crew pushed to their limits.

They were framed, left to rot in a cell for the rest of their lives, but they wouldn't give up. They'd find out who framed them, and bring them to justice.


The story follows the crew of the HMS Guenidier as they attempt to discover who framed them, to their retreat from Federation space. During their travels, they encounter new races and new civilizations in the previous unexplored regions of the Beta Quadrant. They eventually return home, in the year 2397, to find that many things have changed.

Principal characters[]

  • Captain Sean Cunningham
  • Commander Klena
  • Lieutenant Commander Nathanial Stark
  • Ensign Kate Filander
  • Lieutenant Erica Dulmane
  • Lieutenant Commander Mark Turner

Recurring characters[]

  • Crewman Jason Striker
  • Crewman Ellen Tyler
  • Crewman Mor'tah of the house of K'vorash
  • Crewman William Scott
  • Crewman Lshan
  • Crewman Austin Mills
  • Crewman Laysi Khrat
  • Crewman Tricia Wales


Season 1[]

  • Whatever It Takes
  • Prisoners
  • The Return
  • Thieves of Virtue
  • Steal From the Rich
  • A Good Day to Die
  • And Into the Depths

Season 2[]

  • New Life

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