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Star Trek: Helen is a fan fiction that takes place in the Triangulum Galaxy. Starting in the year 2414, it is a spin-off of Star Trek: Constance.


After the discovery of a possibly stable wormhole in the Estari system, Starfleet calls the USS Helen, one of the new Newton-class science vessels to investigate the possibility of a wormhole leading to the Andromeda Galaxy. Upon arrival however, the discovery of a Shaarot Dyson Net structure and a Shaarot vessel was alerted to their presence. Being forced to think quickly, Captain Selva ordered the Helen into the wormhole, but a transphasic torpedo caused a destabilization of the wormhole, causing it to divert to the Triangulum Galaxy.

Realizing that it would take them over 300 years to get home, the Helen nevertheless sets out to explore the uncharted territory and return home.


The primary theme is the attempt to return home against insurmountable odds, and sticking to Federation ideals at the same time. With a new galaxy comes new opportunities to explore.



  • Captain Selva (Athenan Female)
  • Commander Jaie Eroi (Joined Trill Female)
  • Lt. Commander Waseri Tagai (Elaysian Female)
  • Lt. Commander Eric Hernandez (Human Male)
  • Dr. Tannis (Orion Female)
  • Lieutenant Eric Hernandez (Human Male)
  • Lieutenant Togri (Andorian Male)
  • Lieutenant Drash Elia (Bajoran Female)
  • Crewman T'lul (Vulcan Female)


  • Kaiya (Athenan Female)

Nadorian AllianceEdit

  • Rajeeck Riconte (Nadorian Male)
  • High Toiel Kurmia


  • Iwari (Edari Male)
  • Coira (Kestani Female)
  • Darish (Edari Male)

USS Chimera SurvivorsEdit

  • Solok (Romulan Female)

Triangulum Galaxy speciesEdit

  • Nadorians
  • Edari
  • Pasori
  • Iconians
  • Kestani
  • Rashka


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