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Star Trek: Icicle is a German fan fiction series, created by Ulrich Kuehn a.k.a. ulimann644.

It deals with a new conflict between the United Federation of Planets and its allied realms and several factions which were passive during the Dominion War.


Main Characters[]

  • Tar'Kyren Dheran

An Andorian Captain who commands one of 250 starships of the 5th Tactical Fleet, a modified Akira-class Cruiser named USS Icicle (NCC-79823).

  • Pasqualina Mancharella

The executive officer of the USS Icicle.

  • Torias Tarun

A Trill Admiral who commands the 5th Tactical Fleet in 2381.

  • Christina Carey

Commodore Carey, born in Ireland, is the right hand of Admiral Torias Tarun. She´s also the ex-girlfriend of Captain Tar'Kyren Dheran.

  • Valand Kuehn

Rear Admiral and best friend of Captain Tar'Kyren Dheran. In 2381, he commands the Sector-Fleet-Bajor.


  • Star Trek: Timeline

The Timeline episodes tell something about the different main characters of Star Trek: Icicle, in their earlier lives, before 2381.

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