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Star Trek: Interpreter is the adventures of the crew of the USS Interpreter (NR-2401), the prototype of the Yevrin class.


Star Trek: Interpreter is set in a universe of outer peace. People appear at peace while underneath everything, there is a coup getting ready to break the restraints of the United Federation of Planets apart.

Most (if not all) of the stories are set on the USS Interpreter, where ambassadors meet and decide the fate of their peoples, and where men sit and have a drink as friends. People are trying to get along, but some don't succeed. Behind every great peace, there is an evil growing and the terrorist group, the Maunti, are just that evil. They started after the Federation set up the first Delta Quadrant deep space station, Delta Deep Space 001. Their numbers have yet to grow, though, and they remain hidden. So now, there is peace and the USS Interpreter can fulfill its mission.

Central characters[]

The series features several characters, which include:

The human commanding officer of the Interpreter
The Vulcan first officer and Chief Science Officer of the Interpreter
The Klingon Chief Tactical Officer and Security Chief of the Interpreter
The human Chief Engineer of the Interpreter
The half-human, half-Romulan Chief of Operations on the Interpreter
The Betazoid Counselor of the Interpreter
The human Communications Officer of the Interpreter

Guest characters[]

"Maiden Voyage":

"Ambassador Presently"

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