Star Trek: Intrepid is a fan film series set in the 24th century, several years after Star Trek Nemesis, and features Starfleet and Federation Merchant Service characters as they struggle to colonize a sparse region of space far from the Federation core. A trailer and several blooper reels can be found on the Intrepid website. Star Trek: Intrepid was filmed entirely in Scotland - production wrapped in October 2005, and the film was released on May 26th, 2007. A second episode, "Orphans of War", has been released. Others, including "Transitions and Lamentations" and two shorts, are currently in production.

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The series currently features the crews of the USS Intrepid, the Merchant Service Starship Ariadne, and colonists of Chiron IV.

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Lorraine Kelly (GMTV)

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