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Star Trek: Invincible is a fan fiction series set ten years after the Dominion War. It is the incredible story of Captain Adam Tryke, a man who has spent the last six years in the New Zealand Penal Settlement. At long last, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard comes calling, with the proposition of a lifetime.

He can leave New Zealand if he is willing to work with old enemies on the newest addition to the fleet; the Invincible-class starship Invincible as its tactical officer.

He must work past old differences to become a bonafide captain of that ship one day. But, meanwhile, the greatest danger of all time is about to strike the Alpha Quadrant. One that will tear the very fabric of what is considered good and true.

Background to the series[]

Conception for the series came after the author/creator Adam Harmon finished watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The author wanted to know what happened afterwards. So, he decided to explore that.

It started as the book By the Hands of the Prophets.


Main characters[]

Secondary characters[]

  • Jamie Gardner: Astrometrics. Human, Female. Wife to James Gardner.
  • Nelix: Nurse. Denobulan, Female.

Episode guide[]

Season 1 (Earth Year 2385)

  • Introductions - The crew joins together on the USS Invincible
  • Viral Damage - As the crew are on their way to Bajor, they encounter a rogue nebula with a planet inside
  • Elimination Part 1 - Joshua Stubbs experiences multiple futures
  • Elimination Part 2 - Joshua Stubbs nearly dies when he is forced to face every warrior type his homeworld ever produced
  • Racism Temple - While on an R&D on Bajor, Adam and several others of the crew are hit by a weapon that link their minds together.
  • Conspiracy - Adam and Jonathon are captured and put on trial by the Klingons.

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