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Star Trek: Journey is a fan fiction series created back in the year 2000, and though only nine stories were written, the ship and crew still exist in the Legendary Universe, and is considered by the author to be the foundation of her alternate reality.

The USS Journey (NCC-2063) was a Nova-class science vessel launched in May of 2378. The ship's first captain was a man by the name of Oliver Harris, who was killed ten days after the launch when Journey encountered an aggressive electromagnetic storm that severely crippled the ship. Command was then passed to Serutian Hale, who remained a commander for the first year of her assignment but was promoted to captain in 2379.

Journey and some of her characters play a role in the Alpha Chronicles/Messenger crossover story "Coming Home", and T'Rae alone appears in the story "The Purpose of Alpha".


  • Captain Oliver Harris - Commanding Officer (Human male)
  • Commander/Captain Serutian Hale - Commanding Officer (Trill female, unjoined)
  • Commander Jennara Stadi - Executive Officer (Betazoid female)
  • Lieutenant Commander Myrian Anil, M.D. - Chief Medical Officer (Romulan female)
  • Lieutenant Commander T'Rae - Chief Engineer (Vulcan female)
  • Lieutenant Dareth - Communications Officer (Vulcan male)
  • Lieutenant Tanis Auryn - Chief of Security/Tactical Officer (Bajoran female)
  • Lieutenant Aviri Prager - Senior Science Officer (Argelian-Trill male)
  • Lieutenant Finley McPherson - Senior Flight Control Officer (Human female)
  • Ensign Azlyn Reda - Senior Operations Officer (Trill female, unjoined)
  • Ensign Milo Haiakauna - Senior Medical Technician (Human male)
  • Dr. Gillon Marcan, Ph.D., M.D. - Ship's Counselor (El Aurian male)

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