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Star Trek: Justice is a fan fiction series based on the events of and characters within the game Star Trek Online, following the voyages of the USS Justice-D and the adventures of its crew. The series is divided into two seasons called "Phases". Phase 1 begins in 2412, after most of the events of the game, and consists of three stories spanning the events of that year. The second Phase picks up in 2413 and has only one story so far.

Star Trek: Justice is set in a shared universe with the STO: Valkyries fan fiction series, set in 2405-2407, with several characters from that series making cameo appearances.


USS Justice personnel[]

The primary characters of the series are the crew of the USS Justice-D, divisible into two main groups: the senior officers who have been together at least since the original USS Justice was launched in 2409, and the junior officers who join the crew from Starfleet Academy in 2412. While these two groups interact and intermingle frequently, a division of sorts does exist between them early on.

Senior Officers[]

Junior Officers[]


Various other recurring characters make appearances in the series, including the following.


Season One[]

Season Two[]

  • "Reflections"

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