Star Trek: Lambda Paz is a prose series that takes place during and after the Dominion War. The series draws on elements from the television series Deep Space Nine and Voyager and the novel series New Frontier. The opening prose Revenge a Dish Best Served Cold features most of main cast of Deep Space Nine following the Second Battle of Deep Space Nine.

The crew of the USS Lambda Paz is made up of experienced Starfleet officers and former members of the Maquis, as was the case on the Voyager television series. Unlike Voyager, however, the captain and first officer have more of an adversarial relationship. Much of the captain's character traits are based on those of Mackenzie Calhoun of the New Frontier novel series. Most notably she is Bajoran, meaning she has fought hard for her people's freedom as a member of the Bajoran resistance and the Maquis.


Like most fan-fiction, this series makes uses of photomanipulation. While the most common practice is to use A-list celebrities, characters are in this series are "portrayed" by lesser known actors from various action-oriented and science-fiction television series, as well as one-time Star Trek guest actors (either as their character in a Star Trek television series or as an entirely different character) (See individual character pages).

Main charactersEdit

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Limis VirconaRonnie KozarMandel MorrisonCharles “Chaz” LoganShinar sh'AqbaErhlich TarlazziAurellan MarkalisRebecca SullivanSara CarsonWillis HuckabyGoris misch Rev

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Lambda Paz crewEdit

Sam BowersTor Makassa (Starfleet) • EMH Mark II: (Season One) • EMH Mark III (Season Two) • Jonathan DavisLisa NeeleyMik Tannan

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  • Lieutenant Commander Selek
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These works merely expand on characters, alien races, and settings featured in the main fanon narratives.

Related fan seriesEdit

Star Trek: War Aftermath

Canon and continuityEdit

Star Trek: Lambda Paz continuity includes:

In addition to the DS9 television series, this fan series also draws on story lines in the DS9 relaunch novel series, such as events leading to the Parasite Crisis on Bajor. ("Divided Loyalties")

Elements of other non-canon works are featured to a lesser degree, such as the Sindareen, the featured villains in the TNG novel Imzadi. ("The Tides of War, Part I")

Direct tie-ins to Deep Space 9Edit

Numerous references are made to events of DS9 episodes related to the Dominion War. (See "Related Deep Space 9 episodes" headings in each episode page). Each story includes a tagline indicating chronological placement in comparison with Deep Space 9 episodes. From Season 3 onward, these taglines may indicate chronological placement in comparison with Voyager episodes and/or DS9 relaunch media if at all relevant.

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