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Star Trek: Minnesota was a forum-based role play, based on the TV shows Star Trek: The Next Generation and the early beginnings of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The first season of STM takes place in the year 2368. The Borg have been defeated. The Federation's fleet has been assembled back to usual size. It's time to go out exploring again. The crew of the USS Minnesota (NCC-23630), a Nebula-class starship, is in front of its greatest voyage ever. Facing a few problems with the ship's systems and lacking experienced officers, the Minnesota is going underway to boldly go where no man has gone before.

There is a German sister project of STM - created two years before the English one was founded - which takes place in the close future to the English main project, but it has got different characters and a different ship. The USS Minnesota-A, a Ronin-class vessel.

Another German sister project has been founded in April 2008 with the name "After Years" that is set in the early 25th century time era. The ship is the USS Minnesota-B, a Pathfinder-class vessel.

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