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Star Trek: Miranda was (at the time of its demise) the longest-running play-by-email sim in existence(Citation needed), running from 1996 through 2007. It was based on a series of ships named Miranda; the Kelvin-class USS Miranda (NCC-77000), the Jupiter-class, USS Miranda (NCC-77000-A), and the Pathfinder-class (later Pathfinder II-class), USS Miranda (NCC-77000-B).

Set in an expanded version of the canon and novel universe, Miranda was the focal point of several spinoffs and sister simulations, some more successful than others. These included:

  • Star Trek: Galaxy
  • Star Trek: Galaxy: The Next Generation
  • Star Trek: Prospero
  • Star Trek: Relentless
  • Star Trek: Icarus
  • Star Trek: Atlantis
  • Star Trek: Cheyenne
  • Star Trek: Arizona

The website for Star Trek: Miranda went offline in early 2007.

In May 2009, several of the game's more prominent writers restarted the game, based in the new universe of J.J. Abrams new Star Trek universe. This series still operates under the same name.

Main characters[]

Note: This is only a partial list of prominent player characters, as the number of writers on Star Trek: Miranda over the course of its eleven-year run is well over one hundred, many of whom changed player characters.

  • Victor Murdock
  • Elaithin Jii
  • Jon Westmoreland
  • Kit Jordan Elaithin
  • Anthony Maab
  • Vina Lokal
  • Dalenna A. Coolidge
  • Rebecca Weber
  • Eva Paige
  • Filip Berkheij
  • Brex
  • James Mitchell
  • Jerri Wolfson
  • Jaal Jaxom
  • Felicia Khatroweena
  • Jack Dawson
  • Gail Dawson
  • T'Chani Darion
  • Arel Smith
  • Rayna O'Grady
  • Mike O'Grady
  • Circidon Yashanti
  • Gwyin Narim'malyki
  • James Brooke
  • Navarre Shinta
  • Cernu K'rn
  • Spa'an
  • Joral Anton
  • Wes Hammond
  • Cole Slaton
  • Amuramia mel'Thora
  • Soren Rio
  • Peter Shaw
  • Et'zet
  • Eddie Ozuna
  • Sarissa O'Malley
  • Kisha Ventar
  • Parsimony Sindle
  • Shana Catclaw
  • Lancelot Grogan
  • Casey Clemons
  • Will O'Mera
  • Adrian Prescott
  • Michael Jamison
  • Reliani Aire
  • Tenchi Masaki
  • Ayla S'vere-Stiletto
  • Devora Ashar
  • David Anderson
  • Brian Elessidil
  • Taalis Jaxom
  • Krista Romanov
  • Jerek Ronan
  • Will Doubtfire
  • William Qui
  • Laural Witley
  • Caren Cyrix
  • Leanna West
  • Kate Dallas
  • Haku Tenagra
  • Maximillian Veers
  • Anna Van Order
  • Thanos
  • Rety'l-Roy Qonas
  • Casey Jackson

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