The Star Trek: New Voyages eMagazine is a downloadable Adobe PDF format file to accompany the fan series Star Trek: New Voyages. It's premier issue became available in March 2007 and features behind-the-scenes articles offering information on upcoming New Voyages productions.

Volume 1Edit

In March 2007 the first issue of the Star Trek: New Voyages eMagazine was released. Its cover sports the updated opening titles logo, the primary cast of the series and the first high quality rendering of the USS Enterprise for the series.

It contains several sections with interviews from the cast and crew and behind-the-scenes segments:

  • "Captain's Log" in which James Cawley discusses upcoming episodes.
  • Fan reactions to the recently released "To Serve All My Days" including quotes from the STNV forum.
  • "Newbie on Deck" on what it is like to work behind the scenes in New Voyages.
  • Articles detailing the visual effects and talking to the director of the upcoming episode "World Enough and Time".
  • Information on the guest cast of "Blood and Fire".

The magazine also contained posters of the main characters, the Enterprise and revealed plans for an upcoming spin-off series entitled Star Trek: First Voyages.

Volume 2Edit

The next issue is to be released soon according to the New Voyages website and will feature an interview with Denise Crosby, the return of Kargh, news about "World Enough and Time" and "Blood and Fire" and more information about Star Trek: First Voyages.

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