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Star Trek: Nightingale is a Star Trek fan fiction series using the expanded universe concept written by David Lowbridge and hosted at Ad Astra.


Star Trek: Nightinale is set just after the Dominion War that featured on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and features an original crew. The USS Nightingale is a St Bernards class vessel that was designed during the war in order to perform Search and Rescue, Command and Control and light reconnaissance missions. The crew of the USS Nightingale are a collection of inexperienced new officers and out of favour misfits led by the reluctant commander, Captain John Wilcox.


Trial by Fire[]

"Trial By Fire" is the pilot story for the series and sets up most of the backstory for the series. Set weeks after the Dominion War the USS Nightingale is rushed into service to search for a missing ship, the USS Brave. The Brave was last heard from responding to a distress signal in Geckonian territory close to their border with the Gorn.

Time for Tea[]

"Time for Tea" is a short story which only features Captain Wilcox and has a small voice over for Lieutenant Torlik. Set after their return from the first mission, Captain Wilcox wants to have some of his beleoved tea, however the replicator does not wish to comply.

The Ruse[]

Captain John Wilcox and the crew of the USS Nightingale are sent on a mission of diplomacy as the Gorn now want peace. However Starfleet don't believe they are really serious and some important intelligence gives Captain Wilcox more than he bargained for. All sides are playing a dangerous game, in which there can only be one winner.


Main characters[]

Below is a list of the main characters as they appear in the series.

Supporting Characters[]

  • Admiral Jenkins
  • Nurse Williams
  • Lieutenant (JG) Eric Castello
  • Lieutenant (JG) Regluan
  • Ensign Amanda Hodge
  • Master Chief Petty Officer Paul Thatcher
  • Master Chief Petty Officer Dolan Traelex

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