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For another meaning of "Star Trek: Odyssey (Rylan Sato)", see Star Trek: Odyssey (fan film).

Star Trek: Odyssey is a Star Trek fan fiction series set in the 24th century, with the first episode starting only a few months after the Star Trek Nemesis. The series focuses on the crew of the USS Alexandria and its successor the USS Alexandria-A.


The series was first thought of in Spring of 2007 while taking walks around the campus of Ohio University. The Alexandria's original name was Legacy. The original idea for the series had a very Star Trek: Voyager and Quantum Leap setting to it, with the crew going through different universes, trying to get home. Ultimately scrapping that idea and wanting a more Star Trek: The Next Generation feel, the idea of the Mirror War was spawned from the different universe idea. The Mirror War was inspired by the Dominion War, causing part of the series to have a heavy Star Trek: Deep Space Nine feel to it. Once the Mirror War ended, the series went back to its roots in the exploring the unknown.

The series is still in production and is at the end of the second season. The first season consists of 13 episodes that introduced the ship and crew, brought in crew members from one of the television series and covered the first half of the war with the Terran Empire. The current number of completed episodes for Season 2 stands at 14, ending with a two parter including the crew of the USS Thunderchild. Season two continued the Mirror War, witnessed the destruction of the Alexandria as well as introduced its successor, the Alexandria-A, and as well as the births of the twins, Kyou and Ryou Zofchak and Zoe Nycz. The Mirror War concluded towards the end of the season and the series was able to get back to exploration as well as delving into the personal feelings amongst the crew. Towards the end of the season it was hinted at a new alliance has formed with non Federation members; against the Federation and its allies. Season 3 began with the conclusion of Directives and will show more of this new alliance.

A "movie" is in the works taking place about 10 years after the end of the series. There is no official title yet.

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Star Trek: Odyssey is in continuity with all canon and some non canon material.


The series will include Star Trek.

Non canon[]

Episode list[]

Season 1
1.01 "Alexandria"
1.02 "02"
1.03 "Origins of Doomsday"
1.04 "Eve of Twilight"
1.05 "Objects in the Rear View Mirror"
1.06 "Incubus"
1.07 "Advent"
1.08 "On The Line"
1.09 "Confessions"
1.10 "Forever's Edge"
1.11 "Where Angels Fear to Tread"
1.12 "Spectre's Rose"
1.13 "Requiem"
Season 2
2.01 "Thirty-one"
2.02 "Sands of September"
2.03 "Distant Stars"
2.04 "Catalyst of Sorrows"
2.05 "Dark Reflections"
2.06 "Held in the Hands of Forever"
2.07 "Through Their Eyes"
2.08 "Sixty-two"
2.09 "Ghosts of Tomorrow"
2.10 "Where Mortals Are Forbidden"
2.11 "Dining on Ashes"
2.12 "Chimes at Midnight"
2.13 "His Sister's Keeper"
2.14 "Directives"
Season 3
3.01 "Directives Part II"
3.02 "Cold Case"
3.03 "Shadow Plays"

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