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Star Trek: On the Line

Created by Collin "Cade" Spencer, Star Trek: On the Line is a fan fiction series dedicated to Star Trek Online, the MMORPG by Cryptic Studios. Using various in-game missions as direct inspiration, the series follows the exploits of Captain Christopher Campbell and the crew of the USS Falcon. Each update to the story incorporates screenshots from the game.


The Federation is at war with the Klingon Empire, and heroes are being forged on both sides of the conflict.

Then, on Stardate 86088.5, the Borg suddenly attack Vega Colony, after decades of silence. Ensign Christopher Campbell is forced to take command of the USS Falcon after his superior officers are all killed during the battle. After the battle, Campbell is declared a hero and Starfleet Command gives him official command of the Falcon. Following a significant refit of the ship, and an influx of new crew members, the Falcon sets off on a journey of exploration.


The initial concept for the series was simply as a "Captain's Log" from playing Star Trek Online. However, during the game's Open Beta, it became apparent that a fiction series could be easily produced. On January 27, 2010, a prologue was posted to the blog site Since then, it has been updated each Wednesday (with a slight hiatus due to technical difficulties).

The title, "On the Line", comes from a number of inspirations. Campbell's reputation as a hero is "on the line" as he is placed in command of a vessel so soon after graduation from the Academy. The crew's lives are "on the line" in every mission. In a more literal sense, since the series is set during a war, military frontlines have a strong bearing on the plot. And, in a more direct fashion, "On the Line" is a direct reference to "Online", the game upon which it is based.

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