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Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield is a fan film from the producers of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier in Los Angeles, California and Star Trek: Intrepid in Dundee, Scotland.


Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield is a sequel to Orphans of War, and is likewise set in 2384, half-way through the first season of the Hidden Frontier's spin-off series Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles and Star Trek: Odyssey, with the Archeins attack on the Romulan Star Empire forming an important part of the back-story. It reunites the newly refit USS Excelsior and the USS Intrepid as they lead different aspects of the mission in the Beta Quadrant, and introduces the title ship of the new series Star Trek: Federation One. It also crosses over with the audio series The Section 31 Files from, with Korg secretly being a Section 31 agent.


From the original announcement:

Operation: Beta Shield (OBS) picks up halfway through Odyssey and Helena Chronicles season 1. The refitted starship Excelsior is being assigned to the Beta Quadrant under the command of Elizabeth Shelby (Risha Denney) on a critical mission. The Archeins may be planning another wormhole invasion of Romulan space and the Beta Quadrant is vulnerable!
Meanwhile Klingon General Korg (Karl Puder) is on a top-secret mission on Romulus when an attempt is made on his life! Something must be done to shore up allied defenses against the Archein threat. Shelby leads an allied fleet to the Kovalis System, where signs of wormhole formation have been detected.
Captain Hunter (Nick Cook) and the USS Intrepid must ferry Romulan Proconsul Yeshva (Joni Bovill) to Romulus playing a delicate game of political Chess, and uncover the assassination attempt on Korg's life before it is too late! When the trail leads them to Vrijheid, planetary President Vindenpawl (Rebecca Wood) must decide where her loyalties stand.


The film follows the Hidden Frontier tradition in being shot mostly as green-screen action composited into virtual sets, intercut with external shots done with computer graphics.

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