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Star Trek: Pegasus is a roleplaying game using Anodyne productions Nova software for web servers. The game takes place aboard the Federation starship USS Pegasus (NX-88954) an Excalibur-class retrofit designed to be faster, deadlier and with a Quantum slipstream drive.

Plot[edit | edit source]

In 2409 the Excalibur MK II construction project is nearing its end with the finishing touches being placed on its pathfinder ship USS Pegasus (NX-88954). The Pegasus could be considered the most advanced ship in the fleet, with weapons systems to match that of a sizable starbase and a warp & slipstream drive faster than that of any in the fleet. 2 weeks prior to her official launch a final sea trial was launched to test her damage control systems. Upon arrival at Wolf 359 commander McCloud ordered the ship to perform target practice on some debris. The Pegasus suffered some heavy damage as a result of hull impacts.

Upon return to space dock, commander McCloud was relived of command and transferred to the USS Fearless a Nebula-class ship assigned to test out experimental warp drive systems. Captain Richard Pellew was assigned command of the Pegasus in McCloud's place.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: "The Nexus"

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