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| name = Star Trek: Pendragon
| image = [[Image:Expanded.png]]
|colspan=2 style="text-align:center;" bgcolor=#f9f9f9 | <small>STAR TREK FAN FICTION</small>
| author = T.L. Morgan
| format = Prose
| align="center" colspan=2 bgcolor="#FDCC8C" style="border-bottom:1px solid gray; font-size:150%;" | '''Star Trek: Pendragon'''
| bgcolor=#f9f9f9 align="center" colspan="2" | [[Image:Expanded.png|200px|Temp Picture]]
|- valign="top"
| style="text-align: right;" | '''Author'''
| bgcolor="#FDCC8C" | T.L. Morgan
|- valign="top"
| style="text-align: right;" | '''Format'''
| bgcolor="#FDCC8C" | Prose
|- valign="top"
==Background Information==
==Background Information==

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Background Information

Star Trek: Pendragon is a fan fiction series written (primarily) by T.L. Morgan. It was originally conceived in 1999, and has undergone a long process of development.

The series is an "alternate history," and primarily takes place in a divergent timeline from the main Star Trek universe. Events are the same until the Deep Space Nine episode "Homefront" but diverge afterwards. The "Pendragon universe" branched off from the main timeline in 2372 when Admiral James Leyton's coup on Earth was successful, sparking a conflict commonly known as the Federation Civil War from mid-2372 to early 2374.

The main portion of the series takes place five years after the Civil War, beginning in January 2379 and running for seven seasons until the end of 2385, featuring the crew of the USS Pendragon. Certain episodes contain flashbacks to the Civil War-era or earlier, and some are "times past" tales (eg, from a characters's days at Starfleet Academy).

Images of actors are used in photomanipulations to simulate the "cast" of the series.

Central Characters

The series features several characters, which include:

The commanding officer of the USS Pendragon. Played by Pierce Brosnan.
The Bajoran first officer of the USS Pendragon. Played by Mel Gibson.
The operations officer of the USS Pendragon. Played by Kelly Rutherford.
The security chief of the USS Pendragon. Played by Michael T. Weiss.
Chief helmsman of the USS Pendragon. Played by Dirk Benedict.

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Episode Listing

Season One

  • "True North" (Pilot)
  • "Restoration"
  • "Exile"
  • "The Distant Fire"
  • "Wounded Soldiers"
  • "Obsidian Shadow"
  • "Dark Helix"
  • "Sword of Damocles" (Part I)
  • "Sword of Damocles" (Part II)
  • "The Parliament of Fear"
  • "L'Morte d'Maquis"
  • "Hidden Agendas"
  • "Practice in Waking"
  • "Heritage"
  • "The Forgeman"
  • "Children of the Burning Heart"
  • "In Darkness Find Me..."
  • "Twilight's Call"

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The title for "True North" (the series pilot) comes from a song by Twila Paris.

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External links

Official websites

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