Template:FanFic InfoStar Trek: Pendragon is a fan fiction series written (primarily) by T.L. Morgan. It was originally conceived in 1999, and has undergone a long process of development.

The series is an "alternate history," and primarily takes place in a divergent timeline from the main Star Trek universe. Events are the same until the Deep Space Nine episode "Homefront" but diverge afterwards.

Background Information

The "Pendragon universe" branched off from the main timeline in 2372 when Admiral James Leyton's coup on Earth was successful, sparking a conflict commonly known as the Federation Civil War from mid-2372 to early 2374.

The main portion of the series takes place five years after the Civil War, beginning in January 2379 and running for seven seasons until the end of 2385, featuring the crew of the USS Pendragon. Certain episodes contain flashbacks to the Civil War-era or earlier, and some are "times past" tales (eg, from a characters's days at Starfleet Academy).

Images of actors are used in photomanipulations to simulate the "cast" of the series.

Canon and continuity

Star Trek: Pendragon accepts as canon those productions which Paramount Pictures accept, meaning the original Star Trek, its live action spinoffs, and the ten motion pictures. Additionally, the Pendragon staff accept the animated Star Trek series as canon, as well as numerous novels, comics and other material.

A notable exception is the series Star Trek: Enterprise. Because of its blatant disregard for established Trek canon and convention, the Pendragon staff had decided to either ignore the series, or retcon certain aspects of it to fit with previous information. However, once the Enterprise's fourth season began and Manny Coto became the showrunner, the writing improved dramatically, and canon was respected again. In consequence, the Coto-era Enterprise episodes are accepted as canon, and the problems of the previous three seasons are assumed to result from the changes of the Temporal Cold War. In the "corrected timeline," Pendragon assumes, things were different. The notable exception to this rule is the episode "These Are the Voyages," which harkened back to the pre-Coto era. The canonicity of this episode remains to be determined.

Additionally, events and information presented in several novels published by Pocket Books are considered "canonical" for Pendragon, either in whole or in part. These include:

Elements of other novels and even comic books are also incorporated into the background of Pendragon, in order to provide a richer tapestry. These include the characters of Elias Vaughn, Mackenzie Calhoun, and Matthew Decker among others.

Various computer and roleplaying games also play a part in Pendragon canon, notably the Starfleet Academy and Star Trek: Borg PC games, and the RPG materials produced by Last Unicorn Games and Decipher, Inc..

There are parts of Pendragon background that are drawn piecemeal from different sources. For example, Romulan culture is drawn primarily from Diane Duane's Rihannsu novels, but also from LUG's The Way of D'era sourcebook. When background for something in Pendragon is created using this "patchwork-quilt" method, often times elements of one source are ignored or altered in favor of preferable, more logical, weighty or "authoritative" elements from another source.

All these things make up Pendragon continuity, the definition of what fits and what does not within Star Trek: Pendragon. However, Pendragon continuity can be broken down into two separate divisions: the "mainstream universe" where canon Trek takes place, and the Pendragon timeline itself, where the primary action of the series is set.


Regular Characters

Seasons 1-4

Commanding officer. Played by Pierce Brosnan.
First officer. Played by Mel Gibson.
Operations officer. Played by Kelly Rutherford.
Security chief. Played by Michael T. Weiss.
Helmsman. Played by Dirk Benedict.
Transporter chief. Played by Rick Schroder.
Chief engineer. Played by Matthew Broderick. (Season 1)
Chief medical officer. Played by Gillian Anderson. (Seasons 1-2)
Chief engineer. Played by Barry Van Dyke. (Seasons 2-4)
Chief medical officer. Played by Sasha Alexander. (Season 3-)

Seasons 4-7

Commanding officer. Played by Pierce Brosnan.
First officer, later commanding officer. Played by Kelly Rutherford.
Operations officer. Played by Scott Bakula.
Intelligence officer. Played by James Denton.
Chief engineer. Played by Kyle Chandler
Security chief. Played by Sean Astin.
Chief medical officer. Played by Sasha Alexander.
Helmsman. Played by Rick Schroder. (Seasons 4-5)
Helmsman. Played by Jake Gyllenhaal. (Seasons 5-7)

Major Recurring Characters


Season One

  • "True North" (Pilot)
  • "Restoration"
  • "Exile"
  • "The Distant Fire"
  • "Wounded Soldiers"
  • "Obsidian Shadow"
  • "Dark Helix"
  • "Sword of Damocles" (Part I)
  • "Sword of Damocles" (Part II)
  • "The Parliament of Fear"
  • "L'Morte d'Maquis"
  • "Hidden Agendas"
  • "Practice in Waking"
  • "Heritage"
  • "The Forgeman"
  • "Children of the Burning Heart"
  • "In Darkness Find Me..."
  • "Twilight's Call"

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