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Star Trek: Phase II (formerly known as Star Trek: New Voyages) is a live-action fan film series created by Jack Marshall and James Cawley in April 2003, and funded by James' career as an Elvis tribute artist (voted #1 in the country by Elvis' personal associates in 1996) as well as original producer Jerry Yuen of Jack Marshall's "Cow Creek Films" production company. In addition to Cawley Entertainment Company, a volunteer troupe of fans formed Retro Film Studios, LLC to help continue the project. The series picks up where The Animated Series left off, filming season 5, and putting new actors into the original series roles.

This production has the blessing of Eugene Roddenberry, Jr (Gene Roddenberry's son) and operates under Paramount's radar, as long as they make no money from the production. Several actors who once appeared on the original Star Trek series have appeared in this production including Eddie Paskey and John Winston, who both guested in "Come What May". In addition, former Star Trek: Communicator editor and current Star Trek Magazine contributor Larry Nemecek has had roles in "Come What May", "To Serve All My Days" and the recently-released "Vignette" episode "No-Win Scenario".

Central characters[]

The series currently features the central characters of the USS Enterprise as well as several recurring characters. When other stories are added the cast will grow.

Enterprise crew[]

The three main characters at the beginning of production (from left): Spock (Jeff Quinn), Kirk (James Cawley) and McCoy (John Kelley).

2014 Promotional photo of the three current mains (from left): Brandon Stacy (Spock), Brian Gross (Kirk) and John Kelley (McCoy).

Played by James Cawley ("Come What May" to "Kitumba")
Brian Gross ("Going Boldly" onwards)
Played by Jeff Quinn ("Come What May", to "World Enough and Time")
Ben Tolpin ("Blood and Fire, Part 1", "Blood and Fire, Part 2").
Brandon Stacy ("Enemy: Starfleet", onwards)
Played by John Kelley ("Come What May" onwards)
NOTE: Actor Jeff Bond had been cast to take over the role of McCoy in "Mind-Sifter", with John Kelley scheduled to appear in "The Holiest Thing" and "Bread and Savagery" both written by Rick Chambers .
Played by Julienne Irons ("Come What May" to "World Enough and Time")
Kim Stinger ("Blood and Fire, Part 1", "Blood and Fire, Part 2", "Enemy: Starfleet", "Kitumba")
Jasmine Pierce ("Going Boldly" onwards)
Played by Jack Marshall ("Come What May" only)
Charles Root ("In Harm's Way" onwards).
Played by John Lim ("Come What May" to "World Enough and Time")
J.T. Tepnapa ("Enemy: Starfleet" , "The Child").
Played by Jasen Tucker ("Come What May" only)
Andy Bray ("In Harm's Way" to "Blood and Fire, Part 2")
Jonathan Zungre ("Enemy: Starfleet" onwards).
Played by Ron Boyd.
Played by Shannon Giles to "World Enough and Time".
Played by Meghan King Johnson ("Come What May" - "In Harm's Way", "Blood and Fire" onwards)
  • Ensign Peter Kirk
Played by Bobby Quinn Rice ("Blood and Fire, Part 1" onwards)
  • Lt. Sentell
Played by Jeff Mailhotte
  • Lt. Commander Prescott
Played by Paul R. Sieber ("Kitumba" onwards)
  • Lt. Joesph Kyle
Played by Jay Storey

Episode listing[]

The Enterprise passes through a spatial anomaly. (World Enough and Time)

0. "Come What May" (2004)
1. "In Harm's Way" (2004)
2. "To Serve All My Days" (November 2006)
3. "World Enough and Time" (August 2007)
4. "Blood and Fire, Part 1" (December 2008)
5. "Blood and Fire, Part 2" (January 2010)
6. "Enemy: Starfleet" (April 2011)
7. "The Child" (April 2012)
8. "Kitumba" (January 2014)
9. "Mind-Sifter" (December 2014)
10. "The Holiest Thing" (January 2016)
11. "Torment of Destiny" (in post-production)1
12. "Bread and Savagery" (In post-production)1
13. "Origins: The Protracted Man" (in post-production)1


  1. "Center Seat"
  2. "No-Win Scenario"
  3. "1701 Pennsylvania Avenue"
  4. "Going Boldly"

These vignettes were to be released in a staggered schedule but the remainder have been scrapped. This is, according to producer/"Kirk" actor James Cawley, due to the poor quality of the footage compared to the high definition episodes now being released. It was only due to the efforts of Phase 2 actor/stunt coordinator John Carrigan (with assistance from Graham O'Hare, and Pony R. Horton) that "No-Win Scenario" was completed and released in 2011, some six years after it was filmed.

1These episodes are on indefinite hold as a result of the CBS/Paramount Fan-Film Guidelines as of June 2016.

Rebranding to Phase II[]

During an appearance at the Farpoint Science Fiction Media Convention in Baltimore, Maryland on 16 February 2008, James Cawley announced a rebranding of New Voyages to become Star Trek: Phase II. The renamed series will continue to follow the remaining two years of James T. Kirk's original five-year mission while bridging the gap between the three seasons of the original Star Trek television series and Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


  • On 3 May 2004, TrekToday announced that Eugene Roddenberry Jr. had endorsed New Voyages, accepting a position on the production staff as "Consulting Producer". [1] He later provided the voice of the Timepiece Guard in "In Harm's Way". Other guest stars in this episode included Barbara Luna, William Windom and Malachi Throne.
  • In March 2005, Walter Koenig was signed to reprise his TOS character Pavel Chekov in "To Serve All My Days", written by TOS/TNG writer D.C. Fontana [2]. Koenig introduced the premiere showing of the episode at the Planet Xpo Star Trek: 40th Anniversary Gala Celebration and Conference on 8 September 2006 [3], and has since previewed it at several other convention appearances. The episode was officially released Thanksgiving Day 2006. This episode also featured Mary-Linda Rapelye as Ambassador Rayna Morgan.
  • George Takei appeared as his character Hikaru Sulu, captain of the USS Excelsior in the third "production episode" (fourth release), "World Enough and Time", written by Marc Scott Zicree (who also directed the episode) and Michael Reaves [4]. This episode also featured Grace Lee Whitney as communications officer of the Excelsior Janice Rand.
  • "Blood and Fire" was written by David Gerrold, with the teleplay by Gerrold and Carlos Pedraza (a producer for Star Trek: Hidden Frontier) [5].
  • Former Star Trek stuntwoman Leslie Hoffman served as stunt coordinator on the series up to and including the "Blood and Fire" episodes. John Carrigan (who also plays recurring Klingon character Kargh) took over as stunt coordinator with "The Child".

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