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Star Trek: Phoenix is a fan film series set aboard the Ascension-class (Ascension) Federation starship USS Phoenix, in the year 2422, four decades following the events Star Trek Nemesis. Only one episode has been completed thus far.


The pilot episode was titled "Cloak & Dagger" and took place one year into the maiden voyage of the USS Phoenix. It was released in three parts on YouTube, along with two short character-focused vignettes.

Star Trek: Phoenix was the largest consistent film production in the Pacific Northwest from 2008-2010. With more then 150 volunteers comprised of Hollywood professionals and local/international non-professionals alike. The project was produced by Seattle local film studios Temporal Studios, Abundant Productions, and Sonnet Realm Films. Directed by Sam Akina and Gale Benning. Produced by Elle Sonnet, Adam Sonnet, Amanda Cherry, Jon Johnson, Tamara Vilijean, Gina Lockhart, S.Joe Downing, Executive produced by Leo Roberts, Ben Andrews, and Lorraine Montez.

Episode 1: Cloak & Dagger[]

After a major attack on the Phoenix, Captain Avari and the crew attempt to rescue a diplomatic envoy on Katrassii Prime. Upon arrival in the Neutral Zone, the rescue team faces a labyrinth of mysteries until they are unexpectedly ambushed by Romulan Commander Telek. Telek attempts to murder Avari in an effort to get information about Project Labyrinth but is taken out. When Avari returns to the ship, the crew discover Telek has disappeared from the planet below. In response, Avari sets course for the new Romulan homeworld, Rihannsu.


  • Captain Bryce D. Avari
  • Commander Talis Jaryn
  • Dr. Thomas F. Alden
  • Ambassador T'Von
  • Lt. Cmdr. Akeyln Solara
  • Lt. Arca Niran
  • Lt. Yamora Vu'Shan
  • Lt. Pelomar Laenah
  • Lt. Joben Karkko
  • Major Ulti Natyra
  • Colonel Noah Croft
  • Councilor Tol Hadik
  • General Krik

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