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Star Trek: Phoenix-X is a fan fiction and parody series based in the late 24th century, with later spin-off stories in the early 25th century, centring around the crew of the Federation starship USS Phoenix-X and various other related starships and crews. The initial format of the series is chatfic, reminiscent of chat room archives. Of this style, stories are mainly written episodically (Episodes) with occasional variants in the same vein (Chapters, Specials, Flashbacks). The series later branches out into other formats such as prose (Literary) and comics.


The series started as role-playing fiction through instant messaging chats between its initial two writers within the first few episodes. It then grew into a role play through email, with larger sections of story alternated by each writer, per episode. Finally, by late Season 1, it grew into being written as full episodes themselves.

Star Trek: Phoenix-X takes place in the Prime universe and plays along side, and with the history of, all canon series and movies involved: Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise and the films Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Star Trek Nemesis. It also includes prime universe events in Star Trek. In alternative licensed material, the series follows the Star Trek Online timeline, which include several pieces like The Path to 2409, The Needs of the Many, Star Trek: Countdown, Unexpected Honor and related stories.

Occasionally, in a soft-break of the fourth wall, characters will make passing references to alternative timelines they unexplainably, or absentmindedly, have awareness of; mostly the Star Trek (2009) alternate reality in Season 4. In "Displacement Syndrome", the crew actually visits some of these alternate timelines, most notably the Shatnerverse timeline.


Star Trek: Phoenix-X is primarily presented in episodic format with each story classified as "Episode". This is mostly true except for several variant classifications that emerge and eventually increase in frequency as the series goes on.


  • Episode: the base style of story, written in chatfic, usually, the core characters being involved. Episodes are in the spirit of and given style of Star Trek episodes. In Season 5, Episodes are written in prose.


  • Chapter: a variant Episode described as a long-form story. It is written in chatfic, with the core characters and is in the spirit and vein of the Star Trek films.


  • Spin-off: an experimental first Episode of a series based on a ship, species or aspect from Star Trek: Phoenix-X. The stories are usually posted in parts, to comprise one Episode, some in chatfic, prose, varying from comedy to drama.


  • Short: a separate fiction based on a ship, species or aspect from Star Trek: Phoenix-X. The stories are usually a one-off and written in prose.


  • Special: a variant Episode which can be described as a short story. It is written in chatfic, with core or select characters. The Specials were initially "holiday"-themed until Season 4.


  • Comics: sequential panels of art and story with select characters for each. Each series was classified as "Comics" with several comics numbered as "Comic" released. The comics varied in type and style from full page to comic strip, outlined to color.


  • Flashback: a variant Episode that takes place in the past and is either a full "re-write" of a past episode, or contains parts of past episodes to tell a story. They are written in chatfic and original dialogue is not necessarily altered, but, instead, given additions as to keep series canon.


  • Literary: a variant Episode that is written in prose format. These are Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge entries. They jump the timeline ahead to the early 25th century, and are written in the setting of Star Trek Online. The core Phoenix-X crew differs slightly. Entries also focus on crews of the IKS B'Cnah.


  • Unofficial: a variant Episode that is written in prose format. These are Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge entries. They continue the Literary setting in the 25th century, and are written in the setting of the Star Trek Online. Crew stories focus on ships in Task Force Epsilon and Galorda Defense Fleet.


  • Valhalla: variant Episode which is part a literary transcribing of a Star Trek Online episode, centering around Admiral Cid in command of the USS Valhalla.



  • Annual: variant spin-off episodes, monthly, with one crew-focus per year. These are Star Trek Online: Unofficial Literary Challenge Annual entries.


  • Online: variant Episode based thematically on a season or event of Star Trek Online, posted in the Arc Forums.

Trek BBS[]

  • Trek BBS: regular contest entries every two months on the Trek BBS message boards using 24th century crew from the Phoenix-X.


  • Remake: rewrites of the original chatfic-style Episodes now in prose.

Episode guide[]

Season 1[]

Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Episode 1A "The Tiloniam System" 1996 A Starfleet shuttle craft from the USS Xena, carrying a Commander Gotens and an Ensign Dan, enters the Tiloniam system on a charting mission where they encounter the USS Phoenix and its temperamental commanding officer. 51599.74 2374
Episode 1B "Jello Cubes" 1996 The Borg attempt to assimilate Earth, and the crew of the newly-launched transwarp-capable USS Phoenix-X is forced to join the rest of Starfleet in the defense. Unknown 2374
Episode 2A "Deep Space Not So Much" 1996 While just about to dock at Deep Space 9, Captain Daniel and the crew of the Phoenix-X witness it strangely swallowed up by the wormhole. They are then forced to act quickly before the station is destroyed. Unknown 2374
Episode 2B "Find Voyager? No Problem" 1996 The Phoenix-X, a transwarp-capable starship, is finally given the mission to find the USS Voyager, which is lost in the Delta Quadrant. But, when Voyager unrealistically finds them instead, Q pops in to tangle with "continuity". Unknown 2374
Episode 3A "Flortarios III" 1996 The Phoenix-X intercepts a trade deal between a group of Ferengi and Jem'Hadar soldiers on Flortarios III. But it all goes awry when Daniel and Gotens get involved. Unknown 2374
Episode 3B "Missed the Mishap" 1996 After a fierce battle between the Phoenix-X and a Cardassian vessel, where prisoners have been taken on both sides, a volatile prisoner exchange is initiated. Unknown 2374
Episode 4 "Cookies" 1997 Everyone on board the Phoenix-X is suddenly knocked unconscious except for Captain Daniel. It's suddenly up to him to stop two intruders who intend to take over the ship. Unknown 2374
Episode 5 "Crash Bandicoots" 1997 An evil medical officer named Dawn Relic takes over the Phoenix-X and sets a course to the Gamma Quadrant using the ship's experimental ultra-transwarp function. Unknown 2374
Episode 6A "The Cloud Aloft" 1997 While in the Gamma Quadrant, the Phoenix-X's transwarp engine begins to malfunction. Unknown 2374
Episode 6B "Home, Part I" 1997 The USS Phoenix-X finally arrives home, to the Alpha Quadrant, in one piece. While getting a fixer-upper at Deep Space 9, Commander Gotens is forced to go to surgery for problems found in his Symbiont. Unknown 2375
Episode 7A "Deal" 1998 Admiral Theseus calls on BOB, a steady passenger aboard the Phoenix-X, to beam over to the USS Dropzone where the Admiral offers a lucrative spy job for him. Unknown 2375
Episode 7B "Home, Part II" 1998 With the help of Jadzia Dax, Commander Gotens takes the initiative and decides to search for the Phoenix-X. Meanwhile, Captain Daniel tracks down a Changeling spy, with Odo's help. Unknown 2375
Episode 8 "The Bajoran Trove" 1998 Now back aboard his ship, a drink called the Bajoran trove causes Commander Gotens to lose his mind. Meanwhile, a long-dreaded meeting for the Captain and his fleet begins on Flortarios III, but instead of the Commander at his side... he is forced to settle for Ensign Dan. Unknown 2375
Episode 9 "Bio Level 4" 1998 The Gelomira, a generational warship that had spent centuries trying to get to Earth, finally passes through Federation boarders and begins an unannounced assault against the human race. Unknown 2375
Episode 10 "Pure Evil" 1998 A freak spacial anomaly appears to create a duplicate of the Phoenix-X. But upon meeting these duplicates, it becomes very apparent that the new additions are evil. Unknown 2375
Episode 11 "Betrayal and Honour" 1998 Lieutenant Commander Red is framed by someone unknown for an act he didn't commit. It soon becomes clear the accusation is a general attempt to lead the Federation and the Klingons into another war. 52083.06 2375
Chapter 1 "The Links' Traitor" 1998 Captain Daniel confronts his past when he is met with a Female Changeling, and a fleet of Jem'Hadar warships. When both the Phoenix-X and the Enterprise-E attempt to escape the threat, they are almost immediately destroyed-- that is, until observers Q and Wesley Crusher intervene. Unknown 2375
Episode 12 "Warfare" 1998 A Romulan warbird, led by a commander named Plutark, intercepts a secret transmission of special torpedo schematics between the Phoenix-X and Starfleet Intelligence. In an effort to contest against the Phoenix-X, and thus, the Federation, Plutark acquires the help of a Cardassian leader named Gul Meloneus. 52339.1 2375
Episode 13A "The Bermuda Triangle Effect" 1999 The Phoenix-X enters a transwarp conduit that goes through an ion storm and causes the ship to stop in mid-conduit. The only way to survive is through the help of the Carthaginians and their shield technology. 52656.12 2375
Episode 13B "Retrieval" 1999 Captain Daniel is given a strange jar that contains a Changeling named Shane from the Klingon vessel Hou-Ling. When Shane's step-father Captain Sergio of the Lou-Tzu comes looking for him, Shane refuses to go back. 52656.13 2375
Episode 13C "Liquids Everywhere" 1999 While in an open simulation on the holodeck where Shane and Sergio are working out their problems, they are put to test by having to deal with a group of Changelings called the Traveling Link. 52656.14 2375
Episode 14 "Subspace Racing" 1999 The Phoenix-X is entered into a space race that utilizes their transwarp engine. But it soon turns out the rules of the race are governed by a win-at-all-costs philosophy. Unknown 2375
Episode 15 "Guinea Pigs" 1999 The Captain is sent on a solo mission to Breen space to retrieve a Trill multi-spacial shielding prototype, and is unknowingly joined by Commander Gotens and Doctor Lox. 52778 2375
Episode 16 "Factors of Humanity" 1999 With the end of the Dominion War, the Phoenix-X finds a group of Dominion soldiers on a barren planet. In an attempt to understand these enemies by the Captain and crew, a wide chain of immoral reactions break out. Unknown 2375
Episode 17 "The Return of the Borg" 1999 The Borg lure the Phoenix-X in, in an attempt to use it to infiltrate Earth. Meanwhile, Shane is brought on-board a Borg Cube where he is confronted by the Changeling protoplasm that makes up his other "half". Unknown 2376
Chapter 2 "Experimentalism" Oct 26 1999 In a fit of anger, Commander Avery puts the Phoenix-X out of service, forcing everyone to be re-stationed. Unknown 2376
Special 1 "Christmas Special" Dec 24 1999 While transporting a group of Helenion refugees home, the Phoenix-X slams into a large isatonic crystal asteroid. Captain Daniel takes the opportunity to have the crew quickly mine it. Unknown 2376
Episode 18 "The X Continuum" 2000 The Phoenix-X runs into a nebula that almost kills them. From it, they retrieve a fallen Q, named X, of whom Daniel releases and inadvertently receives omnipotent power from. Unknown 2376
Episode 19 "Fight, Part I" 2000 The Captain encounters a part-omnipotent being that threatens to kill him. Meanwhile, the Commander discovers a stowaway named Klokian and decides to follow his movements. Unfortunately, Klokian leads the Commander back in time to ancient Earth. Unknown 2376
Episode 20A "Fight, Part II" 2000 Klokian returns and captures Daniel inside an omni-sphere. With this, Klokian is able to bring Daniel back to his homeworld in order to process Daniel's omnipotent body. Unknown 2376
Episode 20B "Fight, Part III" 2000 The Commander is finally able to leave ancient Earth and return to the 24th century in Klokian's timeship. But upon returning, he is forced to bring the Phoenix-X to the 39th century, where Captain Daniel is being kept on the Klokian homeworld. Unknown 2376
Episode 21 "Identity" Apr 13 2000 Kugo receives a transmission from her supposed sister, Lasha, who says she is in trouble on Romulus. Taking a Runabout there, Kugo encounters Lasha and Lasha's associate, Tey, who are not actually related to Kugo by blood, but rather by an oath of assassins. Unknown 2376
Episode 22 "Vengeance" May 20 2000 The ship is taken over by an alien species that liquifies and merges into the crew. Coming back from an away mission, a suddenly omni-powerless Daniel and Lieutenant Commander Armond are forced to save the Phoenix-X. Unknown 2377
Episode 23 "Casio" July 08 2000 The Phoenix-X rendezvous' with the Caterina, a partially-undercover Romulan ship with experimental technologies as well. Unknown 2377
Episode 24 "Secret Shuttles, Part I" 2000 A Lieutenant Matt joins the Phoenix-X to show the crew a new shuttle capable of transwarp speeds. Meanwhile, the Cardassian ship Scorpion steals Klokian's timeship back, left over from Klokian's last encounter. Unknown 2377
Episode 25 "Secret Shuttles, Part II" 2000 Klokian steals his timeship back and initiates a time-jump that brings the Phoenix-X into the past. Unknown 2377

Season 2[]

Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Episode 26 "Secret Shuttles, Part III" 2000 The crew try to stop Klokian and his new Cardassian friend, saved before sudden death in the past, Gul Meloneus, while the Commander tracks down thieves of his Trill symbiont in a parallel universe. Unknown 2377
Episode 27 "Secret Shuttles, Part IV" 2000 An accidental time jump to an alternate future, the year 2400, reveals a Starfleet run by Section 31 and a rebellion led by the Captain Daniel and the Commander, now named Seifer, with his new symbiont. Unknown 2377
Episode 28 "The Invisible Enemy" 2000 Lieutenant Kayl meets an alien that telepathically reads her experiences against her will. Section 31 sends the Phoenix-X to investigate a strange planet and when they get there, they find the alien in a stasis chamber, sharing Kayl's stolen experiences with the entire world. Unknown 2377
Episode 29 "Loyalties, Part I" 2000 Commander Seifer risks the lives of the crew by engaging the ship into a fire fight with what was thought an unknown species, but turn out to be collaborating on a secret space array with a Captain Jet of the USS Shark. Unknown 2377
Episode 30 "Loyalties, Part II" 2000 The personalities of the crew are suddenly influenced by the array, sending them on a rampage. Seifer being offsite is the only one free of suggestion and is forced to do whatever he can to save the ship. Unknown 2377
Episode 31 "Food for the Labyrinth" 2001 Engineer, Lieutenant Matt, is sent to an alien planet where he is forced to fight a giant beast-like alien creature. Unknown 2377
Episode 32 "The Nega'Jem, Part I" 2001 The crew are sent on a mission to send a Mirror Universe Jem'Hadar group back to their universe. Unknown 2377
Episode 33 "The Nega'Jem, Part II" 2001 The crew struggle with their mission to send the Mirror Universe Jem'Hadar group back through dealing with a sentient asteroid species. Unknown 2377
Short 1 "Uprising" Unknown Kuru practices his fighting techniques a short time before he is about to be promoted, when suddenly he's met with a mysterious omni'X. 54013.4 2377
Episode 34 "Ghosts" 2001 Red discovers he is in-tune to a neural frequency which makes him the only one capable of seeing an alien intruder on the Phoenix-X. Unknown 2377
Episode 35 "False Management" 2001 The Phoenix-X stops to get the transwarp drive fixed, while Seifer meets with some shady weapons dealers behind the Captain's back. Unknown 2377
Episode 36 "Jumpers, Part I" 2001 The ship takes on a series of two-seater shuttles from alien traders. Meanwhile, a more powerful, xenophobic computer virus transcends the boundaries of space and time. Unknown 2377
Episode 37 "Jumpers, Part II" 2001 The Breen launch an attack against the Phoenix-X for want of the two-seater shuttles themselves. Meanwhile, Captain Daniel confronts the now physical virus program which threatens existence itself. Unknown 2377
Episode 38 "BaKardi Slang" 2001 Former Cardassian Gul, Meloneus, returns for revenge against the Phoenix-X in his newly alien-refitted starship, the Scorpion. Unknown 2377
Episode 39 "Phoenix Restoration" 2001 The Phoenix-X saves the USS Voyager from the Delta Quadrant but when both vessels return home, the crew of the Phoenix-X endures intense scrutiny from the Federation and Captain Daniel is forced to go back in time to put things back the way they were. 54973.4 2377
Episode 40 "Omega" 2001 The Phoenix-X is sent to purge a pre-warp civilization of their advanced and premature discovery of the Omega molecule. Unknown 2378
Chapter 3 "Afterdeath" 2001 The Phoenix-X and Lieutenant Commander Data battles an alien, who accidentally destroyed his own people, capable of controlling technology telekinetically. Unknown 2378
Episode 41 "Mosquito" 2001 Lox is falsely accused of murdering his own patient and he must do all he can to prove it wasn't him, but rather, a meta-physical parasite being hunted by space-farring creatures. Unknown 2378
Episode 42 "Avalon Battlefield, Part I" 2001 Seifer begins to reminisce about his past time-traveling experience where he ran away from his crew. Meanwhile, Captain Daniel encounters a series of partially-omnipotent beings. Unknown 2378
Episode 43 "Avalon Battlefield, Part II" 2001 The Captain becomes trapped within a temporal bubble created by partially-omnipotent beings who are trying to create their own version of the Q Continuum. 55326.2 2378
Episode 44 "Killing Spree" 2001 Kugo is torn between her past life as an assassin and as a crew member when the Phoenix-X meets with a Romulan ship. Unknown 2378
Episode 45 "Crystal Method, Part I" 2002 The Phoenix-X joins a pirate alliance in order to track down an ancient alien starship responsible for destroying the USS Blue Nose. Unknown 2378
Episode 46 "Crystal Method, Part II" 2002 The Phoenix-X teams up with the ancient alien starship to track down a powerful crystal, now in the hands of the pirate leader. Unknown 2378
Episode 47 "Destiny's Revenge, Part I" 2002 The Borg attack the Phoenix-X but only to kidnap the Changeling Shane. Meanwhile, the Federation-Klingon Officer Exchange Program comes to an end on both the Phoenix-X and Bochnah. 55994.1 2378
Episode 48 "Destiny's Revenge, Part II" 2002 The Borg assimilate Shane and use him for their bidding. Q returns to take away Daniel's remaining omnipotent power. 55994.2 2378
Episode 49 "Destiny's Revenge, Part III" 2002 The Borg find a way to absorb omnipotent power. A group of Changelings referred to as The Traveling Link assist the Phoenix-X and Bochnah in fighting. 55994.3 2378
Episode 50 "Occurrence, Part I" 2002 The crew discover a alien ship manipulating the temporal rift near Narendra III. The Captain, who has been trapped in a liquid state from the last Borg encounter, is stolen. Unknown 2379

Season 3[]

Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Episode 51 "Occurrence, Part II" Apr 12 2002 Kayl adjusts to her new life in 2344, while in the present, 2379, the crew deal with the alien ship exploding and subspace tears on the Phoenix-X. Unknown 2379
Episode 52 "Alien Interference" May 20 2002 The Phoenix-X is trapped in orbit of an alien planet where other alien's from another dimension are caused to be born on the ship. Unknown 2379
Episode 53 "Particle Mechanics" Jun 12 2002 The holographic helmsmen Amp's program is accidentally transferred into highly advanced particles created an alien species. Unknown 2379
Episode 54 "The Cash Flow" Jun 28 2002 Seifer purchases an entire star system from a Ferengi dealer, meanwhile, Doctor Lox's organ replacement device unintentionally replicates latinum. 56162.6 2379
Episode 55 "Responsible Delinquent" Jul 28 2002 RaeLuna tracks a partially-omnipotent criminal down into an alien space-city, where she accidentally causes a quantum singularity-explosion that destroy's part of it. Unknown 2379
Spin-off 1 "Vitality" Sep 09 2002 The clones of several Enterprise's crew, including Jean-Luc Picard and Leonard McCoy are brought to life in the 36th century where they join with Amp in saving a galaxy in turmoil. Unknown 3578
Spin-off 2 "Resurrections" 2003 Project Genesis gets revived and Lore parts are stolen from Starfleet. 56993.1 2379
Short 2 "Evolutions" May 08 2003 A Starfleet Academy student gets more than he bargained for when he accepts a challenge to fight in the Academy's Battle arena and starts noticing a strange transformation in his opponent. 56999.7 2379
Episode 56 "Possible Regret" Oct 21 2002 The Phoenix-X encounters a hostile alien ship run by holograms. Unknown 2380
Spin-off 3 "Forged in Something" 2003 Menchez nearly has his ship destroyed in battle. When he receives a new one, he and his crew are suddenly attacked by a Klingon outpost. 57012.4 2380
Episode 57 "Land Wars" Mar 07 2003 The Phoenix-X is involuntarily pulled down into the atmosphere of an alien planet, of which the inhabitants suddenly think is an invasion. 57025.4 2380
Episode 58 "Departments" Jul 24 2003 The Phoenix-X stops off at Earth where an officer from a section within the Corps of Engineers assists with new technologies; meanwhile, a Lieutenant from Starfleet Command becomes obsessed with uncovering the Phoenix-X's secrets. Unknown 2380
Spin-off 4 "Tsunami" Aug 14 2003 The USS Tsunami fights to save several ships from a mysterious "dark blob". 57035.3 2380
Spin-off 5 "Hijinx" 2003 The USS Hijinx saves the Turismos from a Reman invasion and helps stop a Gordarion experiment on Saturn. 57080.9 2380
Spin-off 6 "Parallels" 2003 The USS Vitality is tasked to travel parallel universes in order to capture a Thelvon fugitive. 57172.33 2380
Episode 59 "Civilization" Sep 11 2003 Doctor Lox leaves the Phoenix-X to work on a controversial cloning project through the help of Section 31. 57334.2 2380
Short 3 "The Recruited" 2004 Commander Sith is recruited into Section 31 to assist in the installation of the transwarp drive aboard the Phoenix-X. 47796.9 2370
Episode 60 "The Timeship" Apr 05 2004 The crew are forced to travel back in time to 2005 to stop a renegade android, Trunks, from unleashing a new android, Omega, onto his enemy. 57849.3 2380
Short 4 "Invasion 101" 2004 Captain Rei of the USS Mercedes gets pulled into a Borg invasion on the Mizarian home world. 57849.3 2380
Episode 61 "Power Levels" Apr 28 2004 The Captain decides to help a group of partially-omnipotent beings fight their mortal enemies, causing Section 31 to deem him a traitor. They then order the Phoenix-X to destroy the Captain. 57926.2 2380
Episode 62 "Dimensions" May 05 2004 The Phoenix-X is forced to fight off space-borne aliens from another dimension and seal ever-growing dimensional-tears to save the prime-dimension from destruction. Unknown 2381
Episode 63 "The Shadow Maneuvers" Jul 08 2004 The Phoenix-X monitors an alien species who are meeting with the USS Atlantis-D to join the Federation, but is interrupted when Agent Rave of Section 31 has a falling out with them. Unknown 2381
Spin-off 7 "Immortal Coil" 2004 Captain Sith battles with an infectious vine-like creature which has infiltrated his body. Unknown 2381
Episode 64 "King of the Iron Fist Tournament" Apr 19 2005 The Phoenix-X holds a fighting competition aboard the ship. Unknown 2381
Episode 65 "New Beginnings" May 04 2005 A Romulan joins Starfleet and has himself transferred to the Phoenix-X. 58743.9 2381
Episode 66 "Mirrorlyness!" May 04 2005 The Phoenix-X is hijacked by James and taken into the Mirror universe. 59001.6 2382
Episode 67 "The Deterioration" Aug 08 2005 The Phoenix-X's systems begin to malfunction, threatening the hologram Amp's life. 59132.6 2382
Episode 68 "A Tholian Encounter" Oct 06 2005 A Tholian who can exist in a Human atmosphere claims sanctuary aboard the Phoenix-X when his experimenting-people come looking for him. Unknown 2382
Episode 69 "Temporal Doom! Part I" Oct 29 2005 The crew find that the Phoenix-X is fitted with the Temporal displacement drive from Berlinghoff Rasmussen's 26th century time travel pod. Section 31 orders them to travel to the future to apprehend Agent Rave, who is revealed to have travelled there and gone rogue. Unknown 2382
Episode 70 "Temporal Doom! Part II" Nov 11 2005 In the 29th century, the Phoenix-X catches up with Rave who is leading Starfleet against the Na'kuhl. Instead of coming over quietly, Rave time jumps his ship away, forcing the Phoenix-X to time jump after, in pursuit. The two starships then trek across space and time. Unknown 29th century
Episode 71 "Temporal Doom! Part III" Dec 23 2005 A tractor beam in mid-time-jump knocks both temporal drives offline. Kugo resets the drive on the Phoenix-X and the next jump sends them to the Guardian of Forever. Unknown 2382
Episode 72 "The 47's" May 01 2006 The Phoenix-X begins to encounter strange occurrences of the number 47 throughout every aspect of the ship. 59699.9 2382
Comics 1 "Somewhere Out in Space" Apr 22 2006 Captain Cell worries about his goldfish and deals with Section 31. Meanwhile, Commander Seifer attempts to trade with the Tarkaleans. 59771.7 2382
Episode 73 "Spider Agencies, Part I" May 01 2006 The Phoenix-X monitors a highly classified political meeting to find that Theseus has been trying to sabotage them. Unknown 2382
Comics 2 "Present" May 07 2006 The crew prepare for the 'fleet party'. Meanwhile, a murderous Nausicaan slips onboard. 59816.2 2382
Episode 74 "Spider Agencies, Part II" May 22 2006 Lieutenant Commander Red, seeking the rite of vengeance, finds his latest target has already been killed, thus dishonoring his family. He rejoins the Phoenix-X to search for the killer. Unknown 2382
Spin-off 8 "Crucial" 2006 The crew of the USS Crucial are forced to restart their logs. Meanwhile, a Ferengi ship accidentally attacks them. 59863.6 2382
Special 2 "Halloween Special" Oct 19 2006 During a group simulation on the holodeck, a member of the crew is attacked by an unknown and one of his internal organs are stolen. As the crew panic, more and more officers begin losing vital internal organs. Unknown 2383
Episode 75 "Transphasic Meltdown" Dec 09 2006 Section 31 orders the installation of Transphasic torpedoes aboard the Phoenix-X. 60404.3 2383

Season 4[]

Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Episode 76 "Life 2" Jan 19 2007 The Phoenix-X encounters a molecular reversion field, discovering a trapped and aging Kayl inside. Upon transporting her to safety, Kayl is turned young again. Unknown 2383
Episode 77 "Broken Pieces" Mar 13 2007 The Mirror Universe crew of the Phoenix-X are brought back to the present before their deaths in the past. Unknown 2383
Comics 3A "Secret Engine, Part I" Mar 20 2007 Cell and Seifer attempt to explain the -X postfix to a visiting Andorian. Red resorts to extremes when the replicators stop producing gagh. Unknown 2383
Episode 78 "These Aren't the Voyages..." May 26 2007 The Phoenix-X is sent to Regula I to have an interphase cloaking device installed. Meanwhile, Amp, Kayl and Lox run an old prototype holodeck on the station that contains only one program: the Enterprise (NX-01)'s last adventure. Unknown 2383
Episode 79 "Fantastic Method" Aug 01 2007 The crew find themselves under the experimentation of the Srivani, until an infestation of interphasic organisms threatens everyone. 61048.3 2384
Flashback 1 "The Tilonian System" Aug 22 2007 Back in the year 2374, Captain Aeris attempts to assist a doomed Phoenix, while Admiral Daniel deals with his Changeling status coming out of the closet. 51599.74 2374
Episode 80 "Forbidden Crossing, Part I" Sep 12 2007 A giant Whale Probe approaches Farius Prime, the central location for the Orion Syndicate. Unknown 2384
Episode 81 "Forbidden Crossing, Part II" Nov 22 2007 A select group of Starfleet Corps of Engineers are brought onto the Phoenix-X to fix the ship's ultra-transwarp capability. Meanwhile, Q makes a surprise visit an anticipation of the drive being fixed. Unknown 2384
Episode 82 "Forbidden Crossing, Part III" Dec 09 2007 The Phoenix-X travels to the Andromeda galaxy in hopes of exploration and discovery, but instead encounter the unforgiving Kelvans. Unknown 2384
Episode 83 "Remnants" Mar 30 2008 Section 31 calls on the Phoenix-X when the Federation is threatened by a group of aliens called the Vendoth. 61669.5 2384
Comics 3B "Secret Engine, Part II" Nov 11 2008 Cell and Seifer discuss Data's off switch and the idea of commanding in a harsher dictatorship style. 62327.7 2385
Episode 84 "Displacement Syndrome" Jun 12 2009 In 2377, the Borg Queen enlists Beck, from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, to help in getting Berlinghoff Rasmussen's temporal displacement drive online. Beck defers to having it installed on the Delta Flyer, and when it is, he escapes to 2385. 62828.1 2385
Episode 85 "Triple Tribble Sunday" Jan 31 2010 When Commander Seifer's Trill symbiont is brought into genetically altered sentience by a Srivani scientist, Lox responds by genetically altering a tribble into sentience. 63896.2 2386
Comics 4 "Starship Rounds" Jan 31 2010 Cell wearies of being tough. The Phoenix-X runs out of torpedoes. 64405.6 2386
Episode 86 "Cybernetic Showdown" Dec 17 2011 Omega is compelled, by a signal, to take control of the Phoenix-X and bring it to Fendaus V, where a revived Lore has adopted a planet-full of Mudd androids for his own devices. 65475.4 2388
Flashback 2 "Secret Occurrences" Dec 28 2013 Discovering the Narendra III temporal rift, the out-of-sync Seifer is suddenly sent even further back in time to 2367 where he and the out-of-sync Daniel are enlisted by Section 31 to over-see the transwarp project that will eventually become the Phoenix-X. Unknown 2367-2378
Episode 87 "Into Harshness" Mar 02 2014 A divergent group of Hirogen start attacking Starfleet ships, prompting Starfleet to send two task forces after them. Meanwhile, Red deals with Klingon politics in the aftermath of the Hobus star explosion. 67632.8 2390
Special 3 "Acquisitioned" Mar 08 2014 Cell tries to get his own personal collectable while helping a colony of Gallamites. Unknown 2390
Comics 5 "In a Window, Darkly" Apr 27 2014 The crew are sent to investigate an attack on a Gorn outpost. 67832.5 2390
Literary 1 "Nightmare Anomaly" May 09 2014 On an exploration mission into unknown space, the Phoenix-X stumbles upon and gets caught in an uncatalogued, unusual anomaly. 87035.4 2410
Literary 2 "The New Frontier" May 18 2014 After installing a new scanning system at Deep Space 9, the Phoenix-X triggers a phenomenon that sends it into an alternate universe, coined as Tribble Space. Unknown 2410
Literary 3 "Gender Swap" Jun 01 2014 Seifer and Kayl are accidentally transported to a universe where everyone is the opposite gender. Unknown 2410
Literary 4 "Myths and Lore" Jun 22 2014 The crew attempts to track down Lore-parts, which were stolen from Facility 4028. Unknown 2410
Clips 1 "A Ferengi Rule" Jun 29 2014 Seifer demonstrates his goto for difficult situations through like-minded Ferengi Rules of Acquisitions. Unknown 2410
Literary 5 "Movie Night" Jul 11 2014 Seifer allows a man with a recording device on the ship, getting more than he bargained for. Unknown 2410
Episode 88 "The Nemesis Factor" Aug 09 2014 Kugo defies orders to seek out her controversial sister, forcing Cell to team up with Tressa to go after her. Meanwhile, Seifer temporarily runs a freighter business. Unknown 2391
Literary 6 "The Xindi Paradox" Aug 14 2014 The IKS B'Cnah is sent back to the year 2033 where they must stop a Na'kuhl time traveler from altering Xindi history. Unknown 2410
Literary 7 "Delta Rising" Aug 21 2014 The IKS B'Cnah explores the Delta Quadrant, only to encounter the disruptive human-salamander offspring of Kathryn Janeway and Tom Paris. Unknown 2410
Literary 8 "There's Always Some Strings Attached" Sep 11 2014 Menchez is targeted for assassination by Rave but discovers that, thanks to Qu, he can't die. Unknown 2410
Comics 6 "The Needs of the Frequent" Sep 13 2014 Seifer engages in conversation with his crew. 87067.5 2410
Clips 2 "Last Words" Sep 13 2014 In, what can only be, several alternate universes, Seifer and Menchez exclaim their very last words before death. Unknown 2410
Literary 9 "STO Halloween" Oct 06 2014 Menchez joins Seifer in a fall harvest festival aboard the Phoenix-X, meanwhile, recently imprisoned ex-Starfleet officer Avery is found dead. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 1 "Second Life" Oct 28 2014 Harley Menrow wakes up on Starbase 001 in the 28th century and starts to remember his past life aboard the USS Crucial. Unknown 2410, 2753
Clips 3 "Status Update" Oct 30 2014 Seifer and Menchez join the trend of social media updates. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 2 "Lazarus" Nov 22 2014 Grunley, Chief engineer of the USS Crucial dies on Kobali Prime and becomes the target of Kobali revivalists. Unknown 2410
Literary 10 "Winter Wonderland Celebrations" Dec 19 2014 Qu brings Seifer, Menchez and Aeris into his own makeshift version of Q's Winter Wonderland. Unknown 2410

Season 5[]

Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Unofficial 3 "Crew Members of the Jenova" Jan 24 2015 The USS Jenova begins to experience a strange list appearing in the mess hall, which begins to detail limits on what is allowed on the ship. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 4 "Visit to a Weird Planet, Revisited - Again" Feb 02 2015 The crew of the USS Jenova suddenly find themselves thrust into the movie-making world, on a set representing the Bridge. Unknown 2410
Episode 89 "The Needs of the Plenty" Feb 24 2015 The crew of the Phoenix-X attempt to track down the suddenly destructive Traveling Link. 68664.9 2391
Clips 4 "Captain's Prerogative" Mar 17 2015 Seifer and Menchez go through trying times in the Delta Quadrant. Unknown 2410
Episode 90 "For the World is Worldly and Such" Apr 12 2015 The Phoenix-X investigates the destructive actions of a renegade asteroid and its Fabrini occupants. Unknown 2391
Unofficial 5 "Teaching the Next Generation" Apr 17 2015 Captain Reynolds of the USS Hijinx is called upon to give a lecture at Starfleet Academy, unaware of her real purpose as an unwitting agent of reconnaissance. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 6 "Delta Recruit" May 04 2015 Reynolds travels back in time to convince her younger self to join the fight against the Iconians. Unknown 2409 / 2410
Unofficial 7 "Better Angels of Our Nature" May 27 2015 Reynolds joins Iviok, aboard the Jenova, on a mission to track down Menrow, who was last sighted destroying several Starfleet science ships. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 8 "Someone to Remember Them By" Jun 09 2015 A Klingon named Treth confronts Menrow with his illegitimate child. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 9 "The Arrival" Jul 30 2015 Menrow books too many dates at once and becomes caught in a no-win scenario. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 10 "The Sound of Q-sic" Aug 25 2015 After defeating an invasion of Heralds at Quadra Sigma III, Captain Samya and the USS Dropzone are met with Qu who hijacks the ship with vicious 18th century French military uniformed animal things. Unknown 2410
Clips 5 "Captain's Log" Sep 21 2015 Several Captain's, including Oroku Seifer and Yuffie Samya describe events after the Iconian War. 87421.34 2410
Unofficial 11 "Aftermath" Oct 04 2015 In the aftermath of the Iconian War, Samya attempts to make peace with herself at her sister's home in Japan. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 12 "In Session" Oct 19 2015 Mika gets Samya into a counseling session until they're both surprised by an invasion of Bluegills. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 13 "What Are You Thankful For?" Nov 20 2015 Michael McCary discovers a world being repeatedly conquered by the Klingon Empire. Unknown 2410
Online 1 "Sunrise" Dec 12 2015 Rear admiral Cid investigates a dying star in the Lukari system. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 14 "Winter Wonderland Celebrations" Dec 26 2015 McCary and Samya discover Gingerbread men infected with the Calibus VII virus. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 15 "The Officer Exchange" Jan 27 2016 McCary investigates the horrifying actions of spaceborne tribble aboard the IKS Rotog. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 16 "Nibiru" Feb 17 2016 Samya joins the rest of Task Force Epsilon on a mission to explore a cluster of oddly-behaving black holes. Unknown 2410
Clips 6 "Earth Spacedock" Apr 23 2016 Aeris beams onto Earth Spacedock to be presented with a find from, rival, Captain Terry. Unknown 2410
Episode 91 "Devil's Leftovers" May 25 2016 The Phoenix-X discovers Ardra's crew are swindling worlds out of goods in the Bajor system. Unknown 2392
Ragnarok 1-1 "Tabletop Beginnings" Aug 09 2016 Oroku Seifer holds out at Earth Spacedock's synthbar before taking command of the USS Ragnarok. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 17 "Apparitions" Aug 26 2016 Captain Sigon acclimates to his new ship, the IKS Baetal, believing he is seeing tribble everywhere. Unknown 2410
Ragnarok 1-2 "Department Heads" Sep 07 2016 Seifer holds his first briefing with the senior staff of the Ragnarok. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 18 "How the Mighty Have Fallen" Sep 27 2016 Sigon is confronted by a group of Q. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 19 "Life or Death" Oct 21 2016 The Baetal is infiltrated and hijacked by Captain Menchez who is on a suicide mission. Unknown 2410
Ragnarok 1-3 "Neutrality for Beginners" Dec 02 2016 Seifer investigates a Deferi colony world who is being bullied by the Breen. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 20 "A Wonderful Life" Dec 17 2016 Captain Deloss of the IKS Masamune is suddenly sent into a universe where he is ranked Lieutenant junior grade. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 21 "Holodeck Fantasy" Jan 14 2017 With the Masamune getting upgrades at Galorda Outpost, Deloss and Thunk visit the holodeck to run the Sherlock Holmes program and bring sentience to James Moriarty. Unknown 2410
Annual 1-1 "The Imposter" Jan 30 2017 Captain Oroku Seifer discovers Tomsin faked his way into Starfleet and attempts to deport him, but is confronted by a quasi-energy microbe-infected twin brother also named Tomsin. Unknown 2410
Annual 1-2 "L'amour est Parmi les Étoiles" Feb 13 2017 The Ragnarok is enveloped in a Zanthi nebula infecting the entire crew with a "love at first sight" phenomenon. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 22 "Election Year" Feb 20 2017 Deloss joins Captain Harley Menrow and Pesident Okeg in hunting crystallyne entity shards aboard the near-destroyed USS Tsunami. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 23 "Fleet Week" Mar 19 2017 Deloss and Sigon attempt to out-wit Stuart of the Devidians aboard Drozana Station. Unknown 2410
Annual 1-3 "Enmity" Mar 30 2017 Seifer and Tzenkethi Captain Gogard are constantly sent back in time from alternate futures to stop a fatal incident at the First Federation planet Carpi. Unknown 2410
Annual 1-4 "Lost to Time" Apr 20 2017 Seifer, Moggs and Cetra investigate a transmission upon a seemingly deserted planet when they suddenly discover a Thasian head named Alazard. Unknown 2410
Contest 1 "First Contact Day" May 18 2017 Oroku Seifer is accidentally sent too far back in time and introduces his younger-self to his first alien contact. Unknown Unknown
Comics 7 "Perpetual Ragnarok" May 25 2017 Oroku Seifer contemplates asking Kuumaarke out on a date. Unknown 2410
Annual 1-5 "From Hell's Heart..." Jun 08 2017 The Ragnarok investigates a distress call in Tholian territory and discovers a disabled ship from another universe. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 24 "In Their Footsteps" Jun 12 2017 Captain Kronen of the IKS Dragunov tries to unite Captain Zang from the IKS Roku of the House of Grath with Captain Nogoth from the IKS Kleckogunam of the House of Tochi. Unknown 2410
Clips 7 "Kobayashi Maru" Jul 05 2017 Oroku Seifer, fresh off his new symbiont, takes the Kobayashi Maru scenario with Aeris. Unknown Unknown
Unofficial 25 "Beware False Prophets" Jul 22 2017 Kronen encounters his mirror self, who has become the emissary for the Prophets of the mirror universe. Unknown 2410

Season 6[]

Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
Comics 8 "Phoenix Meltdown" Aug 11 2017 Commander Night Seifer contends with Terry from the USS Kitana, Wallace from Section 31, and James Seifer from the ISS Phoenix-X. 71077.7 2394
Unofficial 26 "Only Ashes Remain" Aug 14 2017 Sigon and Deloss deflect a pressing matter to Kronen, causing all three to arrive far too late to the Sage threat surrounding Raatooras. Unknown 2410
Comics 9 "Tethers" Sep 16 2017 Captains from the 25th century deal with everyday issues. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 27 "Even Roses Smell Like..." Sep 21 2017 Captain Kronen attempts to interfere in the love-lives of Ferasan officers Linng and Norren with disastrous results. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 28 "Tempus Fugit" Nov 19 2017 Captain Elektra of the IKS Valentine is convicted of a crime she hasn't committed yet. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 29 "Face the Kramp'Ihri" Dec 22 2017 Captain Elektra meets the Kramp'Ihri in Q's Winter Wonderland. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 30 "Deadly Alliance" Feb 10 2018 Elektra joins with Rukkh, a Fek'Ihri Cheiftain, to track down and execute Captains Sigon, Deloss and Kronen. Unknown 2410
Ragnarok 1-4 "Finders, Not Keepers" Mar 24 2018 Captain Oroku Seifer joins with Captain Marcel of the Breen Sarr Theln-class warship Leinstien to investigate a hidden ancient Deferi planetoid in space. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 31 "I'm a Captain, Not an Actor!" Apr 21 2018 Captains Sigon, Deloss, Kronen and Elektra go to Raatooras to save Menchez from the Children of Khan, only to discover it's being protected by a Takarian entity. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 32 "Dominion Delegation" Jul 08 2018 Captain Menchez, back on the IKS Kragoth, escorts Dahar Master Gaurantan and Feylou to the Gamma Quadrant for diplomatic talks. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 33 "For the Dominion!" Aug 06 2018 Captain Menchez teams up with Jem'Hadar First Kurok'Tekan of the Dominion Vanguard heavy raider Lyngon-5328 to track down an isolated Hur'q colony. Unknown 2410
Ragnarok 1-5 "The Deferi Powered-Man" Dec 22 2018 Captain Seifer visits a rogue planet where an ancient Deferi beast has been for millennia. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 34 "Welcome to the Epsilon Fringe" Feb 14 2019 Commander Wyn Tressa of the RRW Tetreya is sent to Epsilon Fringe where she meets the cannibalistic Kolpionn who feast upon the Kulpiun. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 35 "Joint Mission" Jul 01 2019 Commander Tressa teams up with Captain Menchez to track down the bald, 23rd century-era Klingon Dova'ch of the House of Mo'Kai. Unknown 2410
Online 2 "Tumultuous Turmoil" Jul 05 2020 The Excalbian Varnket sends Captain Oroku Seifer on a mission to track renegade Klarvel, with the help of a simulacrum replica of Christopher Columbus. Unknown 2411
Online 3 "Regulatory Reticle" Jul 19 2020 Captain Menchez tries to return Dova'ch back to House Mo'Kai and the IKS Descent but instead is forced to endure their shenanigans. Unknown 2411
Online 4 "Sea of Artifacts" Aug 13 2020 Kurok'Tekan goes to Risa and competes with Elric, Kadaj and Kitsu for temporal artifacts. Unknown 2411
Trek BBS 1 "Partial Recall" Aug 22 2020 Night Seifer gets a promotion to Captain, but it causes a symbiont imbalance to make him seek out time travel to 14 years in the past. Unknown 2397
Online 5 "Fanatical Online" Nov 03 2020 Captain Dova'ch sends himself back to 2409 to make sure he does every mission. Unknown 2411
Trek BBS 2 "Reverse Metallurgy" Nov 27 2020 After the Phoenix-X is destroyed, Commander Seifer attempts to have the USS Phoenix-Y reverted by Wayfar. Unknown 2397
Remake 1A "The Tiloniam System" Dec 3 2020 Commander Night Gotens is ambushed by the Dominion, prompting the support of the USS Phoenix, USS Xena and USS Ixion. 51599.7 2374
Remake 1B "Jello Cubes" Dec 23 2020 The Phoenix-X must team up with the USS Enterprise-E to fight a Borg back-up cube. Unknown 2374
Trek BBS 3 "Double Void" Apr 21 2021 The Phoenix-X is trapped in The Void when they discover they're also trapped in a void anomaly. Unknown 2397
Remake 2A "Deep Space Not So Much" Apr 29 2021 Deep Space 9 becomes trapped within the wormhole, prompting the crews of the Phoenix-X and Xena to work together to get them out. Unknown 2374
Remake 2B "Find Voyager? No Problem" Jun 08 2021 The Phoenix-X is tasked to find the USS Voyager, but is shocked when they find them instead. Unknown 2374
Remake 3A "Flortarios III" Jul 25 2021 BOB is reported as a spy and the Phoenix-X is tasked to intercept an illegal trade on Flortarios III. Unknown 2374
Trek BBS 4 "I Ain't Callin' You a Truther" Aug 18 2021 A confrontation with Krane from the Galor-class Roltekk leads to the revelation both ships' intel was fabricated by Horace T. Mudd. Unknown 2398
Comics 10 "Old School Commerce" Sep 08 2021 Commander Night Seifer contemplates thematic overtones. Unknown 2398
Remake 3B "Missed the Mishap" Oct 11 2021 Gul Meloneus from the Tarak abducts Captain Daniel and Ensign Dan tries not to get relieved by investigating Cetacean ops. Unknown 2374
Remake 4 "Cookies" Jan 16 2022 The Phoenix-X is hijacked and nearly delivered to a Maquis cell at Moghren III before discovering two fleets of Maquis-Drai drone ships preparing for war. Unknown 2374

Parallel fiction[]

Some variant episodes and comics posted in the series timeline continue in parts and are, in a sense, running parallel to the series.

See: Star Trek: Phoenix-X (Parallel fiction)

Cut scenes[]

The cut scenes were akin to "deleted scenes" of a film/tv production, where blocks of text that didn't make it into the final cut of some episodes of Star Trek: Phoenix-X were collected separately.

See: Star Trek: Phoenix-X cut scenes


The spin-offs for Star Trek: Phoenix-X were experimental stories focusing on other ships' or other perspectives related, previously, or in the story itself, to the USS Phoenix-X. They were started around 2003-2004, unfinished, and re-integrated back into Star Trek: Phoenix-X in 2014. As reintegrates, the spin-offs continue as Parallel fiction.

A chatfic focusing on the crew of the IKS B'Cnah. Incomplete.
A chatfic focusing on the crew of the USS Hijinx. Incomplete.
A chatfic focusing on the crew of the USS Tsunami. Incomplete.
Blog post style from the crew of the USS Crucial's points of views, as personal logs. Can be considered complete.
A prose format story, serious tone, not comedy, that took place during Star Trek: Phoenix-X's Season 3, surrounding Project Genesis and Data. Incomplete.
A chatfic, not comedy, serious tone, focusing on the clones of Star Trek canon series characters Jean-Luc Picard (see: Jean-Luc Picard (clone)), Tuvok, Hoshi Sato, Miles O'Brien, and Leonard McCoy. Season 3 character Amp was also included. Incomplete.
A prequel short story, prose, not comedy, series tone. Complete.

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Memorable quotes[]

"I don't need to be lectured by you. I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was in diapers!"
"My grandfather
is in diapers."
Wallace and Seifer, "Forbidden Crossing, Part II"

Background information[]

  • The X in the series and ship name is a parody of its use elsewhere (i.e. "X-Men", "X-Files", "xXx (Triple X)").
  • Some early episodes, like "Jello Cubes" or "Find Voyager?", were written over AOL chat for fun between the two writers. Episodes after that began in length through emails, with one writer writing one section of an episode and the other writing the next part. This continued until Episode 21 when one writer (Hawku) continued the series onward alone. Only two episodes in the second season involved the other writer (DL), "Afterdeath"; and "Omega", which was written solely by the other writer (DL).
  • As the first episodes of the first season were role-play, characters Gotens (later renamed Seifer) was played by Hawku, and Daniel (later renamed Cell) was played by DL. Ensign Dan was an accidental creation, misunderstood, between authors, to be played by DL at the beginning (as "Dan", in the first scene of "The Tiloniam System" with Gotens on the shuttle). "Dan" was quickly re-written as "Ensign Dan". This led Ensign Dan to be constantly be written as "relieved of duty" in nearly every episode as an in-joke.
  • Some noticeable external influences on the series' elements and names came from other series: Xena: Warrior Princess, Final Fantasy VIII and Dragon Ball.
  • A few episodes have been direct crossovers.
  • The crew of the Phoenix-X are still in their same ranks and assumed ages by 2410. This is explained in "Delta Recruit" when several starships are said to have been caught in a massive molecular reversion field, in 2406, intermixed with an ion storm, the result of which causes hundreds of Starfleet officers and people to undergo a reduction in age. The trauma from the accident also causes all included to temporarily lose years of memories, and, in most cases, causes everyone to re-take Starfleet Academy in 2409. Retaking the Academy coincides with in-game events within Star Trek Online.
  • Several characters from the 25th century portion of the series share the same experiences from the video game missions of Star Trek Online. It is a soft-break of the "fourth wall" that they all are semi-conscious of this while interacting. The only differing experiences between characters are depicted through in-story from the Star Trek Online: Literary and Unofficial Literary Challenges.
  • Episodes 89 to 91 were previously categorized as "Trek" instead of "Episode" and were switched over to "Episode" on May 31st, 2016. "Trek" episodes were previously labeled as: a variant Episode that is written in prose format and takes place in the same timeline as Episodes. These are named after The Trek BBS, where they are posted.

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