Some variant episodes and comics posted in the Star Trek: Phoenix-X timeline continue in parts, and are, in a sense, running parallel to the series. Those listed below, per season, under Parallel fiction, are the continuing additions. They are not necessarily continuing stories or comics from the same season, but may be continuing from past seasons.

Parallel fiction (Season 4)Edit

Type Title Posted Season started Synopsis Stardate Year
Comic 33B "In a Window, Darkly: Page 2" May 02 2014 4 Elena and Nelkast of Section 31 gives the crew their mission. 67832.5 2390
Comic 33C "In a Window, Darkly: Page 3" Jun 08 2014 4 The Phoenix-X approaches the Gorn outpost. 67832.5 2390
Comic 33D "In a Window, Darkly: Page 4" Jul 25 2014 4 The crew try to get information out of Deloss. 67832.5 2390
Spin-off 3E "Forged in Something, Part V" Aug 04 2014 3 An away team transports to the surface and finds it is littered with deadly spacial distortions. 57012.4 2380
Spin-off 1E "Vitality, Part V" Aug 25 2014 3 Picard attempts to negotiate peace with the other factions, but is interrupted by the starship Imhotep, an advanced and previously hidden Human group intent on conquering the galaxy. Unknown 3578
Spin-off 2H "Resurrections, Part VIII" Aug 28 2014 3 Brent joins Cide's Fortune's Gold to hunt down Chivaul's kidnappers. Unknown 2379
Spin-off 4I "Tsunami, Part IX" Sep 01 2014 3 In the Sauria sector, the Tsunami destroy's the blob outside the Ferengi outpost, Leuqia. They then discover the blobs are the same type as the one named Armus from Vagra II. 57035.3 2380
Spin-off 5G "Hijinx, Part VII" Sep 06 2014 3 The Hijinx puts a stop to the egg-ship and reverts Saturn's transformations, but is pulled into the Borg-infested universe. While there, the Hijinx is destroyed and its crew assimilated. The crew isn't revived until ten years later by that universe's Phoenix-X. 67147.5 2390

Parallel fiction (Season 5)Edit

Type Title Posted Season started Synopsis Stardate Year
Spin-off 6E "Parallels, Part V" Feb 10 2015 3 The crew of the Vitality find themselves in a Dominion-dominated universe and lose their ship to the Jem'Hadar battle cruiser Korisnor. 57172.33 2380
Trek 1B "The Needs of the Plenty, Part II" Mar 05 2015 4 Seifer questions Diggs, one of the Changelings from The Traveling Link. 68664.9 2391
Trek 1C "The Needs of the Plenty, Part III" Mar 16 2015 4 The crew come up with a plan to lure the Traveling Link to the Phoenix-X. 68664.9 2391
Trek 2B "For the World is Worldly and Such, Part II" May 30 2015 4 Seifer and Kugo beam over to Yonada to attempt to learn more about it. Unknown 2391
Unofficial 8B Someone to Remember Them By, Part II: Misplaced Jun 22 2015 5 Someone on the USS Jenova uses random parts to try and build a powerful machine. Unknown 2410
Unofficial 8C Someone to Remember Them By, Part III: Bad Intelligence Jun 30 2015 5 Mayhem temporarily joins the crew of the USS Hijinx to collect intel, when Treth and her son suddenly make a final appearance. Unknown 2410
Trek 2C "For the World is Worldly and Such, Part III" Jul 17 2015 4 Seifer and Kugo try to stop Yelg's plans for bringing back the Oracle of the People, while Armond commands the Phoenix-X into battle against remote controlled asteroids. Unknown 2391

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