Star Trek: Phoenix-X

Sectors specific to Star Trek: Phoenix-X continuity.

Sector 21Edit

Location of a transmission beacon with the warp signature of the USS Xena in 2376. It was sending out false messages that the ship was doing okay. ("Experimentalism")

Sector 34Edit

In 2376, the Borg hijacked the USS Phoenix-X and attempted to use it to sneak-assimilate the Federation member world, Trunkola, located within Sector 34. ("The Return of the Borg")

Sector 234Edit

Sector where a Gordarion space city was destroyed in 2376. ("Experimentalism")

Sector 259Edit

Location of the supposed and often joked about, "Disney Planet". ("Guinea Pigs")

Whether such a planet actually exists is not certain.

Sector 781Edit

Sector where the Thalia Array was dropped off in 2377 by the Phoenix-X. Unfortunately, the Thalia particles that affected the crew's minds at the time, rendered their memories of said action null. The ship's computers were affect as well, leaving no known knowledge that the Array is in Sector 781. ("Loyalties, Part II")

Sector 882Edit

Location of the Chords System which the Phoenix-X adopted in 2379. ("The Cash Flow")

Sector 894Edit

Location of the Sector 894 Engine Apex Centre where the Phoenix-X visited and had a "tune-up" in 2377. ("False Management")

Sector 896Edit

A sector where Phoenix-X once met a Ferengi fleet to trade latinum for Blood Wine. At the time, it was not known to either side that the latinum was fake. ("The Cash Flow")

Sector 952Edit

A sector that the Breen occupied in 2375. ("Guinea Pigs")

Sector 7753Edit

Location of an ice-asteroid belt. ("Jumpers, Part I")

Sector 8814Edit

Ruined by a subspace explosion in 2377. ("The Nega'Jem, Part II")

Silias sectorEdit

The Silias sector was a sector from which the Silillians originated. It was not necessarily all Silillian territory, as much of their space was sold and traded regularly. ("The Cash Flow")

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