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Milky WayEdit

Andres Rae Edit

Andres Rae was an M class planetoid located in the Oralian sector. The planet was tropical and has called the Risa of the Oralian sector. Andres Rae was inhabited by a humanoid species known as the Raecians. Andres Rae was part of the United Federation of Planets (UFP), and has hosted many Federation events, including the induction of the Tulop into the UFP. ("Grace")

Major citiesEdit

Raechia, Andresia, Alaenor, Karnochia, Maechia, and Dirochia.

Andresia Raechia Edit

The ancient city where the ancestors of the Raecian began their civilization. It was also the home to an ancient device known as the Eye. In 2381, the Federation Historical Society began documenting the site under the supervision of Dr. Lilith Adar. ("Almost Paradise", "The Ruins")

Argaylen Cascade Edit

The Argaylen Cascade was a small dark matter nebula in the Oralian sector. In occasionally glowed red due a nearby binary star system. Tyson Calok visited this nebula in 2383, believing that it held the secret to finding the Beast. ("Internal")

Beta System Edit

The Beta System, also known as the Beta Nebula, was a gaseous nebula located in the Oralian sector. Both McCoy 12 science research station and the Rizac V penal colony were located there. ("Transfer", "Set In Stone")

Cap'gu'ajak Edit

Cap'gu'ajak was moon located near the Venka Nebula. It was the home of a Coalition base/facility. ("Nothing Else Matters")

Dreelu IVEdit

Dreelu IV was an M class planetoid, in which Donald Hutchby encountered an anomaly that he claims gave him a cold. ("Stranded")


Regis was the class M planet in the Regii star system. It was the homeworld of the Tacumah'da. The planet has eleven moons. Regus V was the fifth moon, and was used as a base by the Tal Shiar. ("The Forgotten Planet", "Internal")

Fad Edit

Fad was the homeworld of the Fadorians. In 2381, it was utterly destroyed by mass driver bombardment by Coalition forces during the Coalition War. ("Everything Changes")

Quantum NebulaEdit

The Quantum Nebula was a gaseous cloud of particles and minerals located in the Oralian sector, specifically in the Evadus star group. It was also the home to non-corporeal quantum beings. ("Quantum Dreams", "Internal")

Secundus Galaxy Edit

The Secundus Galaxy was one of the galaxies in which the USS Horizon jumped to during its travels. ("Stranded", "Conglomeration")

Alvon Edit

Alvon was the homeworld of the Alvonian.

Avkonia Edit

Avkonia was the capital hive of the Avkon Conglomeration.


PM45 was the designation for an M class planetoid in the Secundus Galaxy. It was the first M class planet that the crew of the USS Horizon visited after they stabilized their jump drive. ("Conglomeration")

Treelan systemEdit

The Treelan system was a single star group of two planets, which was inhabited by a hospitable race (the Treelanian). It was the first planetoid system the USS Horizon encountered after they had been attacked by the Breen. ("Stranded")

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