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Star Trek: Poseidon is a fan made, forum based Star Trek RPG. The time period is based ten years after the events of the movie Star Trek Nemesis. The USS Poseidon (NCC-70176-A) is a Sovereign-class ship.


The Poseidon group started on June 25th, 2004 by Captain Cris Carter who is now leading the Star Trek: Minnesota play-by-forum role play. All posts of the first several months were lost due to a system crash that occurred in October of 2004. The forum was brought back under a new server with a domain name, provided by Dan Bradley's company -

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The Poseidon began in the Denub sector, on the outer edge of the Federation and the Milky Way Galaxy, at Starbase 11. Its mission was to explore parts of the Beta Quadrant, heading towards the Delta Quadrant. This mission was cut short when the Hur'q, an alien, parasitic race attacked. While they were eventually defeated, the Denub sector suffered heavy losses, including the destruction of Starbase 11. In the second season, the ship was transferred to Starbase Atlantis, formerly Empok Nor. The second season focused mainly on command issues as Captain Carter had been killed and replaced with his First Officer, Rob Philips. The season concluded with the ship's near destruction and the vacation time the crew spent while the ship was being repaired. Season 3 currently focuses around a group called the Illuminati.

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