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Star Trek: Reloaded was a fan fiction series, written in 2003, which follows the adventures of Lei Sanchez, a 21st century police officer, trapped in the 24th century. Lei would often use his 9mm hand guns as a signature weapon. The series was originally posted to The Helix BBS in the early 2000s, then began the process of being integrated into the Star Trek: Phoenix-X website on September 17th, 2016.


Star Trek: Reloaded consisted of a teaser and 24 sequential chapters.

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"This must be some kind of set up... and you're in on it!"

In the 21st century, Lei Sanchez, a police officer, tracks down a criminal named Raiden to an abandoned warehouse where some sort of illegal transaction takes place and falls apart. When Raiden escapes said transaction, Lei confronts him in the parking lot, causing a deadly shoot-out between the two old enemies.

  • Raiden offering his clients fake technology called "laser rifles" is a reference to phaser rifles.
  • Lei and Raiden have some kind of history together, but it is not clarified.
It is safe to assume their history involved Lei arresting Raiden for a remarkable crime of sorts.
Chapter 1
"...You're like some kind of unstoppable... person!"

Lei chases Raiden into a timeship operated by a Suliban named Kelik. An accident leads them all into the 24th century.

Chapter 2
"Is there a... police station of some kind, I could do a background check?"
Lei Sanchez

Lei awakens to the EMH on the runabout USS Trinity where Ensign Seanna Jackie from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards informs him that it's 2379 and that she saved him from a Reman warbird. After checking up on his history in the Federation database, the Trinity docks at Deep Space 9.

Chapter 3
"Cut me a break. You stick out like a sore Bolian."
Seanna Jackie

On Deep Space 9, Lei attempts to stop Flerge, a Nausicaan dealer, from killing Quark, and, instead, incurs Flerge's wrath to chase. After losing him, Lei runs into the Jackie, again, who, during a confrontation with Starfleet security, chooses to run away. Both Lei and Jackie sneak aboard the USS Prometheus to get off the station.

Chapter 4
"You're doing something illegal, aren't you?"
— Lei Sanchez

While the Prometheus meets with the Jem'Hadar battle cruiser Neikada, Jackie manages to cause a power issue that gets everyone else to evacuate the top vector. She then detaches it from the ship and escapes, with the Jem'Hadar ship in pursuit. After fighting them off, Jackie and Lei take the vector to the coordinates Jackie was given at Deep Space 9. The vector drops warp before a Borg space city, mounted on two asteroids.


Memorable quotes[]

"If only someone were here to see all that."
Krone, after fighting a whole army of Klingons


Background information[]

  • The overall title was inspired by The Matrix Reloaded. [7]
  • The fiction began on forums until being backed up on a webpage.
  • As a grammatical inconsistency, Reloaded unexpectedly switches from present-tense descriptions to past-tense descriptions.

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