Revolution Fleet is a play-by-forum sim roleplay that takes place in 2380, following the events of Star Trek Nemesis and the return of the USS Voyager. The site was founded in August 2017 and is one of the newest Star Trek sim groups. The site is hosted by Enjin.

Revolution Fleet features player-written roleplaying guides for each department as well as custom ship classes and an LCARs database. 

Current Starships[edit | edit source]

USS Hood, London-class[edit | edit source]

The USS Hood is a well-worn London-class vessel. Much of its systems are singlehandedly maintained by Chief Engineer Zrunt, who has fitted the Hood with a variety of slightly unorthodox modifications. Initially, the Hood was commissioned following the end of the Dominion War along with other London-class ships to carry out various missions ranging from escort, combat and disaster relief as well as exploration. London-class vessels were built to be adaptable and would change configuration depending on the requirement of a mission.

As London-class vessels slowly decreased in demand, the USS Hood is on the verge of decommissioning. It is currently fitted with the exploration-type configuration.

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