Star Trek: Saints of Infinity was an independent play-by-email roleplaying game set aboard the USS Kersaint, a Sovereign-class vessel, the sim dealt with the Independence Project, a diplomatic effort that resulted in the Kersaint's freedom to go beyond borders anywhere in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant.

Founded by Zach Largo, who played the Kersaint's commanding officer, Commodore Aurora Sirra, Saints of Infinity began in October, 2007 and ran for over a year. Halfway through the group's fifth mission, "Rapture," the decision was made to end the sim. The final mission, "The War Economy," ran into early 2009.

Saints of Infinity was revived six months later, with some (not all) of the original players returning. The setting was moved ahead a year and a half to 2386, allowing time for the Kersaint's repair and refit following her near-fatal crash in "Rapture."

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