Star Trek: Sarek is the overall title to a series of science-fiction short stories, written by members of the fan-club chapter USS Sarek and USS Dauntless, which take place aboard the Federation starship USS Sarek (NCC-72075) in the fictional Star Trek universe created by Gene Roddenberry.

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The Sarek adventures were first written between 1993 and 1994 (corresponding to Earth years 2370 and 2371 in the Star Trek universe, during the events depicted in the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). Occasional new adventures were written starting in 2003, with the new stories appearing in Subspace Chatter, the official USS Dauntless Newsletter. The series depicts the adventures of the Galaxy-class starship USS Sarek and its crew. While many of the stories take place in the Gamma Quadrant of the galaxy in the years preceding the Dominion War, some of the stories feature appearances by famous characters from Star Trek, including the crew of space station Deep Space Nine, the starbase the Sarek crew reported directly to. The stories were originally published in the bi-monthly club newsletter, Wormhole Warble and currently appear occasionally in Subspace Chatter before they are posted on the USS Dauntless club website story archive several months later.


Season One (Earth year 2370)

  • "Gamma Bound - Part 1"
  • "Gamma Bound - Part 2"
  • "Gamma Bound - Part 3"
  • "Mind Touch"
  • "More Life Than You Know"
  • "Pluton Nights"
  • "Q-for-Thought"
  • "Shore Leave '94"
  • "A Report"

Season Two (Earth year 2371)

  • "The Ransom of Red Chief"
  • "I-Magination"
  • "Romulan Ail"
  • "Thursday's Child"
  • "Choices, Part I - The Results"
  • "Choices, Part II - The Trial of Kalin Kale"
  • "First Contact, Again"
  • "The Calamity with Cardassians"
  • "If One of Those Bottles..."
  • "Re-Q-nion"
  • "A Fond Farewell"

The Continuing Adventures (Earth year 2377 and beyond)

  • "Return to Duty"
  • "Next of Kin"

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