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Star Trek: Shadowstar Station is a fan fiction series, spun off from Star Trek: Avenger.

The focus is mostly on a Salem-class space station, Shadowstar Station (SFR-721), built in the late 23rd century, though tales of individual characters when they were officers on different Starfleet vessels or facilities exist. Many stories focus on a flight test team (nicknamed Team Shadowstar) based on the station.

Continuity differences[]

The continuity of this series is similar, though not identical, to that of Star Trek: Accord, Star Trek: Avenger and Star Trek: Malverne. Among the divergences from those continuities is that, in the Star Trek: Shadowstar Station timeline:

As well, some of the events in Trek history -- e.g., Shaun Geoffrey Christopher's Earth-Saturn probe, and the Tomed Incident -- revealed in novels published by Pocket Books happened differently in Shadowstar continuity.

Relationship to Starfleet International[]

Shadowstar Station was a Starfleet International chapter for a very short time, from 1995 (where it was a chapter-in-training) to ca. 1997 or '98. The primary authors were members of that parent organization from 1987 to 2007 (in the case of Rahadyan) and 1989 to 1998 (Hartriono).

post-Starfleet International[]

In 2011, Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo began outlining and writing more stories set in Shadowstar's continuity, including the adventures of different agents tasked by the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations to repair the timeline.

There is currently no website for Star Trek: Shadowstar Station, though some short stories set in that continuity have been published in hardcopy and online.

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Other references[]

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