Star Trek: Sons of Liberty is a sequel/spin-off of Star Trek: Pendragon, written by T.L. Morgan. The series begins in 2386, and follows the adventures of Ben Bartholomew, Michael Eddington, Ro Laren and other former Maquis members and their allies as they build and protect the Colonial Alliance, and investigate the ancient worlds and technology discovered in the Badlands.

Similar to the fifth season of Babylon 5, the early episodes deal with the Colonial Alliance's "empire-building," and its political relations with its neighbors like the Cardassian Union, Tzenkethi Coalition and Talarian Republic. Later seasons broaden the series' horizon and set the stage for other spin-offs set in the Pendragon timeline.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Several characters from Star Trek: Pendragon make the transition to Sons of Liberty, including Ben Bartholomew, Jeffrey Sinclair and Samok. Certain canon characters, like Michael Eddington, Ro Laren and Nick Locarno also become series regulars.

Other Pendragon and canon (and semi-canon) characters guest-star, or become recurring cast members. These include, among others:

Among the new characters introduced (or greatly expanded upon) in Sons of Liberty are Logan Celes, Eddington's chief of staff; Gordon Hood and Jiah Barnett, scientists investigating Preserver technology; and Magnus Andersen, Bartholomew's first officer aboard the CAS Liberty.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Cycle 1[edit | edit source]

  • "Rising Stars"
    • "Freelancers"
  • "No Compromise"
  • "Legacies"
  • "The Shores of Avalon"
  • "The Shadow of Camlann"
  • "Archangel"
  • "Orpheus"
  • "The Long Night of Nick Locarno"
  • "The Vassal"
  • "The Captain's Table: Confessions of a Maquis"
  • "The House That Jeff Built"
  • "Fragile Dreams"
  • "The Fall of Night"

Cycle 2[edit | edit source]

  • "Darkness Ascendant"
  • "A Community of Civilized Men"
  • "The Percival Syndrome"
  • "Tyler's Run"
  • "Counterfire"
  • "Shroud and Sepulcher"
  • "Pax Romana, Part I"
  • "Pax Romana, Part II"
  • "Vigil"
  • "Sentinels"
  • "Thanatos"
  • "Sad Tales of the Death of Kings"
  • "Our Revels Now Are Ended"

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