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Star Trek: Sutherland is a Star Trek-based fan fiction series that takes place in the late 24th century, created by David Falkayn. Star Trek: Sutherland involves the adventures of the captain and crew of the Nebula-class starship USS Sutherland, but takes place in a much wider, linked universe including other fan fiction series. This universe extends to the TOS era with the tales of the Constitution-class starship USS Lexington (NCC-1709) commanded by Robert Wesley, grandfather of Elizabeth Shelby in this continuity.

The series begins at the end of 2371 with Captain Shelby taking command of the Sutherland which has just completed a refit after being reassigned from her previous command, the New Orleans-class starship USS Malcolm Reed. Current adventures have taken ship and crew through most of 2372, with future adventures covering the Dominion War and its aftermath. Described by some in Starfleet as the "rowdiest ship in the fleet", the Sutherland, both captain and crew, enjoy a reputation not only for surviving difficult and dangerous encounters and situations but also for their exuberant off-duty behavior, as exhibited in a barroom brawl at Quark's involving members of the Sutherland crew and some of the crew of the Klingon vessel T'ong.

Star Trek: Sutherland is a PG-13 series that very often treads into adult subject matter.


  • "Shakedown Cruise"
Captain Shelby gets acquainted with her new ship and crew as the Sutherland encounters a new lifeform – as well as their own personal hopes and fears.
  • "Shoreleave"
The captain and crew of the Sutherland enjoy a little downtime on Deep Space 9. Unfortunately for Quark, so does the Klingon ship T'ong.
  • "Ties that Bind"
Sam Lavelle and Nurse Alyssa Ogawa receive a shocking video of their friend Sito Jaxa, whom they had thought dead, being brutalized by the Cardassians. Along with Lavelle's Sutherland crewmate, Ensign Maria Django, and Lieutenant Commander Worf, the new strategic operations officer for Deep Space Nine, they launch a dangerous mission into the middle of the Klingon-Cardassian war-zone to rescue their friend from the clutches of the corrupt Gul Rejak.
  • "Vigil"
A series of vignettes dealing with the aftermath of the events of "Ties that Bind".
  • "Unraveling Forceful Patterns"
The Sutherland delivers Ambassador Ralph Offenhouse and the Zeon professor Ledron Davin to the planet Ekos to celebrate its formal acceptance into the Federation as a full member. However, much to their sorrow, they find that ideologies such as Nazism rarely go gently into the night.
  • "Leading with Your Heart"
Sometimes the Prime Directive can be a real pain.
  • "Messages from Earth"
The events and ramifications of Leyton's coup attempt extended far beyond its impact on the captain and crew of Deep Space Nine. Here we see how the events of Leyton's power-grab impacted on the captain and crew of the Sutherland as well as the planet as a whole.
  • "Cold Comfort"
Captain Shelby and newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Sam Lavelle crash land on a barren, frozen world with no hope for survival except for each other
  • "Outta Sight"
Take one holographic 1960s-era lounge singer named Vic Fontaine, add one starship captain with a green feather boa named Elizabeth Shelby, stir well, and what do you get? Ring-a-ding-ding!
  • "Absent Friends"
Captain Shelby takes the Sutherland, along with the border cutters Bozeman and Scamp and the starship Renown into battle at Caernarvon IV--a battle that will exact a very high price as it changes the lives of all involved.

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