Star Trek: The Animated Voyages is a digital fan fiction graphic novel created and produced by Jon Markiewitz. It chronicles the early adventures of a 23rd-century Starfleet crew aboard the USS Starhaven. The comics match the visual style of the Star Trek: The Animated Series television show. The production features background and minor characters from the animated show as regulars and brings in new characters, artwork, and more. Captain Svenquist O'Shea and the crew of the USS Starhaven embark on new adventures in the Star Trek universe. Taking place on the same stardate as the last episode of The Animated Series, the premiere issue of Star Trek: The Animated Voyages takes readers on all-new adventures set in a familiar time. The premiere issue, Perils of Waves and War, sets the stage "where the crew will encounter new life, and old foes." - TrekToday

In the Making[edit | edit source]

Not counting text or speech bubbles, approximately 900 individual elements composed the comic book panels of the 48-page first issue entitled Perils of Waves and War. More than 95% of the comic panels are not merely direct screen-captures from The Animated Series TV show but are entirely new graphics or intricate composites of existing characters, ships, and backgrounds to create never-before-seen images. The first four issues were produced over 21 months, with hundreds of hours spent in story development, writing, graphic design, and editing.

Main Characters/USS Starhaven Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Svenquist O'Shea, Commanding Officer
  • Commander Thelin, First Officer/Science Officer
  • Lieutenant Scarlett Callaway, Second Officer/Chief Engineer
  • Doctor (Commander) Horatio Wyatt, Chief Medical Officer
  • Lieutenant Gabler, Helm Officer
  • Lieutenant Daedal, Navigator
  • Ensign Virginia Erickson, Communications Officer

Individual Issues Composing the Graphic Novel[edit | edit source]

Production Title Release date Brief Synopsis Stardate Year
Issue 1 of 4 "Perils of Waves and War" December 2014 An investigation into the disappearances of two Starfleet vessels escalates to a confrontation of galactic proportions. 6770.3 2270
Issue 2 of 4 "Eyes of New Harvest" May 2015 O'Shea returns to a home he once knew, only to find secrets revealed from a people known solely from myths and legends. 6775.9 2270
Issue 3 of 4 "Upon the Outward World" October 2015 An unlikely alliance confronts the force responsible for powering the distortion waves and transporter anomalies. 6776.4 2270
Issue 4 of 4 "A Taste of the Arrow" March 2016 The initial story arc concludes and the tapestry unravels as O'Shea and the Starhaven crew fight for survival on the eve of annihilation. 6779.1 2270

Starfleet Starship Listing[edit | edit source]

In addition to the USS Starhaven, the following Starfleet vessels appeared in at least one issue of the series, listed in order of appearance.

Reception[edit | edit source]

"An impressive work. I love fan productions that expand the Star Trek universe. Looking forward to the next issue!"
— Kail Tescar, StarTrekAnimated.Com
"In the world of Star Trek fan fiction, we sometimes see works that are elaborately and lovingly done with painstaking attention to detail. Star Trek: The Animated Voyages is such a project."
Krypton Radio
"Seldom have I seen a fan publication so well put together. It really is a top tier adventure."
Outpost 10F
"Here are suspensefully written and beautifully illustrated new adventures."
Ex Astris Scientia
"The plot is exciting. Each panel is perfectly arranged. This is what quality looks like!"

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