Season one of Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions takes place from mid-2372 to the end of the same year. During 2372, the crew of the USS Cantabrian deal with the rise in Myhr'an violence towards the Federation and other regional powers around the Typhon Expanse.

Main charactersEdit

Character Introduced Last Seen
Noah Wrightson "Catalyst, Part One"
Elizabeth Singh "Catalyst, Part One"
Antonio Fernandes "Catalyst, Part One"
Ethan Arden "Catalyst, Part One"
Marie Bourget "Catalyst, Part One"
Helena Bourget "Breaking Benjamin"
Benjamin Caldwell "Catalyst, Part One"
Ulitania Jonar "Catalyst, Part One" "Oh, What a Lovely War"
Tawana Jonar (formerly Killan) "Catalyst, Part One"
Daniel Radke "Catalyst, Part One"
Yh'ahni "Catalyst, Part One"

Main plot pointsEdit

Expanded Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
  • While Noah Wrightson loses Samantha D'Angelo and other original choices for senior officers, he gains Elizabeth Singh, Daniel Radke, Yh'ahni, Benjamin Caldwell and Tawana Killan.
  • The Myhr'an rise in violence is first thought to be triggered by the Myhr'an themselves, the Treaty Killers and finally the M'Tar. This violence is brought to a head with the death of the Myhr'an commander at year's end.
  • Marie Bourget is reunited with her estranged daughter, Helena Bourget, who is instrumental in curing Wrightson of Caldean Acute Cardiopulmonary Syndrome, but ultimately betrays her mother and the Cantabrian crew.
  • Benjamin Caldwell is accused of attempted genocide for the Taris Syndrome plague raging on Lelar Prime but is found not guilty; later, his genetic structure is altered yet again by another artefact.
  • Ulitania Jonar, Wrightson's long-time friend and security chief, is fatally injured by the Myhr'an during a battle on Canaileus Prime. The Jonar symbiont is transferred to Tawana Killan, but the loss of Ulitania drives Wrightson's determination to win against the Myhr'an.
  • The Cantabrian away team aboard a Myhr'an super battle cruiser discover the Myhr'an are cloning foot soldiers in maturation chambers aboard their ships: a fact Bourget confirms through a Myhr'an clone's black, goo-like interior, in her autopsy. In saving friends and other Federation citizens from the Myhr'an internment camp, Yh'ahni uncovers the Myhr'an are using living beings as source material for creating the clones.
  • The Cantabrian crew make contact with the Renai'i as well as a new group known as the Treaty Killers.
  • Samantha Delaney leaves destruction in her wake, and will rise to become a major threat in season 2.
  • Antonio Fernandes's past comes to light, including his disastrous time as a teenager aboard the USS Auckland. He also faces his fears of command by taking a heavily-damaged Cantabrian into battle with a Myhr'an super battle cruiser to free Wrightson, Singh, Radke and Caldwell.


Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
1.1 "Catalyst, Part One" 49537.0 Fresh out of dry dock, the Cantabrian heads to Starbase Expanse 4 to pick up several crew members; however, the Myhr'an start antagonizing the United Federation of Planets, and Starfleet Command requests the Cantabrian crew investigate the rise in Myhr'an violence, the strange silence from several Starfleet ships and colonies, the strange reading emanating from Myhr'an starships, and a missing Myhr'an body...
1.2 "Catalyst, Part Two" As the crew see first hand the devastating effects of the Myhr'an planet killer, the Myhr'an shapeshifter remains aboard, on the loose. Can the Cantabrian and her crew regroup with the Starfleet armada gathering at Canaileus Prime to face the planet killer head on...
1.3 "Breaking Benjamin" 49612.6 Three Lelari warships decloak with weapons trained on the Cantabrian, demanding the crew turn over Benjamin Caldwell to their authorities to stand trial for genocide against Lelari people...
1.4 "Isolation" 49658.3 A chance exposure to three random but deadly items on an alien planet sees Noah Wrightson needing immediate medical attention, but the transporter, detecting foreign bodies, attempts to deflect the signal back to the planet -- the Cantabrian's isolation ward remains damaged -- only to have it rerouted to the isolation ward on an abandoned space station in orbit...
1.5 "Two Hit, One Stone" 49735.9 A trader claims the Myhr'an are holding survivors from Starbase Expanse 4 and other starships and starbases hit by the Myhr'an planet killer and provides some pretty compelling and convincing evidence. Yh'ahni accompanies the trader to the supposed Myhr'an internment camp, the Cantabrian appearing the pursue them. But is all what it seems?
1.6 "White Flag" 49761.3 Daniel Radke's former lover comes to save the day with claims of a new and lethal group threatening to reignite the Great War. But, as Radke and the others will discover, descriptions don't do this group any justice...
1.7 "The Eagle" 49818.0 Responding to a distress call from a Starfleet starship on the edge of explored space, the Cantabrian crew come face-to-face with not only a long-standing Federation mystery but also a long talked-about hostile race, while emotions Ethan Arden thought he conquered 30 years ago come bubbling to the surface...
1.8 "Oh, What a Lovely War" 49836.1 The Cantabrian spreads resources thin, battling a Myhr'an starship in orbit and Myhr'an soldiers on Canaileus Prime's surface. The situation forces Tawana Killan to confront her fears, take risks and face a challenge unlike anything she's previously faced...
1.9 "An Innocent Time" 49871.4 Starfleet Command orders the Cantabrian investigate the radio silence from top-secret installation Dante Station, located within the Devil's Cradle, but they experience more than they bargained for with the past returning to haunt them...
1.10 "Devil's Cube" 49884.6 Continuing within the Devil's Cradle, attempting to find a way out, the Cantabrian's crew encounter a derelict Borg cube. As Liz Singh makes a startling discovery aboard the "Devil's Cube", sensors and an away team mission reveal the biggest threat to the Cantabrian isn't the Borg but what lies in a subspace rift slightly beyond the Cube...
1.11 "Salvation" 49898.6 Encountering a planet severely affected by subspace phenomenon unleashed during "An Innocent Time", Antonio Fernandes is reminded of his parents' disastrous testing of a coaxial warp drive years earlier. But unlike the events during his teenage years, this time Fernandes works to save the planet, disobeying orders in the process...
1.12 "Better the Devil You Know" 49932.8 Benjamin Caldwell takes special interest in a cryptic artefact undecipherable by the Federation's finest. But as research consumes more and more of Caldwell's time, the artifact threatens his and the crew's lives...
1.13 "Daughter's Keeper" 49962.9 Attending a regional medical conference to discuss her preliminary findings about the Taris Syndrome on a neutral planet, Marie Bourget uncovers a far more sinister secret about her daughter and encounters help from the most unlikely of sources...
1.14 "Deceptions" 49987.5 Starfleet directs the Cantabrian to rendezvous with a Myhr'an peace envoy, but when they arrive at the coordinates, peace appears the last thing on that Myhr'an starship's agenda...

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