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Season four of Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions takes place in 2375. During 2375, stuck in the midst of the M'Tar-triggered full scale Pilmarian-Steranmio War, the USS Cantabrian-A crew fight to keep their heads above water, coming face-to-face with the deadly Scourge Conglomerate...

Main characters[]

Character Introduced Last Seen
Noah Wrightson Continuing from season 1, 3
Elizabeth Singh Continuing from season 1
Antonio Fernandes Continuing from season 1
Ethan Arden Continuing from season 1 "Save The Last Dance"
Marie Bourget Continuing from season 1
Tawana Jonar "Too Much Truth Overshadows The Right Lies"
"Brutally Honest"
Daniel Radke Continuing from season 1, 3
Milami Thall Continuing from season 1
Vehayz Ca'l Continuing from season 2
Yh'ahni Continuing from season 1

Main plot points[]

Expanded.png Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
4.1 "Too Much Truth Overshadows The Right Lies" The M'Tar are once again sealed in their Domain but their associates took out the Gateway and three Starfleet vessels before they were defeated, isolating the small Starfleet contingent in the Steranmio-Pilmarian area of space. Meantime, Tawana Jonar flashbacks about her previous hosts as hidden memories become clearer...
4.3 "Not That Girl" Liz Singh prepares to return what she presumes are Ethan Arden's affections, only to find she's not the woman he's after...
4.4 "Me On The Ground, You In Mid-Air"
4.5 "Best of You"
4.6 "God Bless This Mess"
4.8 "The Scourge That Sent The Angels Crawling" The Scourge open a brutal and unrelenting suprise attack on the Cantabrian, using a Scourge city ship to cripple the Cantabrian with dire consequences...
4.9 "Brutally Honest" The USS Prospect-A, along with other Starfleet vessels stranded in the Steranmio-Pilmarian area, search for the Cantabrian. Ex-Cantabrian crewmember Tawana Jonar must come to terms with the fact her acts months previous may have killed everyone aboard her former posting...
4.10 "Save The Last Dance"
4.11 "The Prayer of Saint Francis"
4.15 "Behind The Man"
4.16 "In Hindsight"
4.17 "Could We Start Again Please?"
4.18 "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil"
4.19 "World's On Fire"
4.20 "Ballad For Dead Friends" The task force, co-led by Liz Singh and Vehayz Ca'l, bear down on the Scourge city ship threatening Hanej Prime. But, without the Cantabrian and other heavy Starfleet cruisers, will they be able to stop the city ship in time?