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Star Trek: The Continuing Misadventure is an ongoing semi-parody fanfilm series set on the starship USS Achilles in the TOS era. The series began production in  September 2016, with 2 short-episodes having been released so far.


The series is set in 2245-2246, just after the ending of the Four Years War, and revolves around the voyages and misadventures of the USS Achilles, the first of the Achilles-class light exploration cruisers. The series can be described as a semi-parody, both making jokes and references to things such as Star Trek tropes and generally being humorous, whilst also paying close attention to continuity and having plots and storylines which have a reasonable undertone.


Episode Number Title Posted/Released Synposis Date
Episode 1 "Routine Patrol" Sept. 11 2016 Whilst conducting a patrol of space just after the decisive Battle Of Axanar, the Captain of the light-scout-vessel USS Lhasa encounters a Klingon C8 Dreadnought in a system. He is faced with a dilemma on what to do next. 2245
Episode 2 "In a Mirror, Dankly, Part I" Oct. 9 2016 6 months after the loss of the USS Lhasa, the Captain is given command of the newly built USS Achilles. 6 months after Four Years War

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