Star Trek: The Farthest Star (TFS) is a Star Trek-based fan fiction series primarily based during the 24th century in the prime timeline.


Originally titled Star Trek: Swiftfire (SWF) the series focused on the adventures of the USS Swiftfire-A during the Dominion War. In 2015 the series was rebooted and the title changed to The Farthest Star. The plan is for SWF to return as a series under the TFS banner with rewrites of the original stories as well as new tales.

Nearly the entirety of SWF was removed when the series changed names. The main exception has been the two stories that were part of the Star Trek: Unity crossover. They are currently considered to be part of an alternate universe from the main TFS continuity.


Main continuityEdit

  • What Little Girls Are Made Of
  • Dissension
  • Initiation
  • Ripples
  • No Refunds
  • Chariots of Korvat
  • To Seek and to Be Found

Alternate universesEdit

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