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Star Trek: The Final Darkness is a fan film which concludes The Multiverse Trilogy.

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Summary[edit | edit source]

Hired scavengers discover the remains of a Federation ship on the frozen world of Crepanis. They report back to their superiors. Soon after, Science Officer Roberts is questioned by a secret branch of Starfleet to find out what she knows regarding the fate of Odin 2, which had vanished into an energy vortex ( Star Trek: Incident at Beta 9). The session ends when a new plan is put into effect. Around this time, The USS Hannibal completes her five-year mission, and returns home to earth. Captain Navarro is offered a promotion to Admiral, which she considers. Meanwhile, the crew enjoys a little shore leave time. Daniel Sagan arrives home and is contacted by a friend, who suspects his mission might involve the safety of all those in the Federation. Sagan is concerned, but has little information to go on. However, soon after, he is kidnapped and finds himself being interrogated by a Vulcan named Stobias and his assistant, Mr. Steele. He is informed about some incredible events that have taken place, and discovers that it is true-- the Federation itself may be destroyed by this new threat if it is not stopped in time. Sagan also learns that his friend Thomas Roth has already been sent out as part of a covert team to deal with this threat, but they have all vanished. Sagan agrees to join a new mission and help out.A renegade alien named Dysec has discovered a new and strange weapon, and with his crew, attacks the federation at random. The story continues as both forces head for an ultimate confrontation, with the outcome being the total victory for one side, and the ultimate defeat for the other.

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