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Star Trek: The Final Frontier (not to be confused with Star Trek V: The Final Frontier) is an internet fan fiction series written by Christopher Adamek that follows the adventures of the crew of the USS Starlight. The Final Frontier began in 1999 and ran for five seasons, producing 120 episodes before its end in 2006.

The highly-detailed map Christopher Adamek created for his series is often used as a reference by other fan authors.

Season 1[]

Season 1 is set in 2395.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
001 "Beginnings, Part I" 72009.3 The USS Starlight encounters the Elorg in the Alteran Expanse.
002 "Beginnings, Part II" Unknown The Elorg invade the Beta Quadrant.
003 "In Pursuit of Justice" 72031.5 Alan Christopher and Rachael Meyer face a military tribunal.
004 "Secret of Sineron" 72052.1 Kendall Johnson investigates the Breen presence in the Sineron Cluster.
005 "Affairs of the State" 72117.6 Neelar Drayge returns home to find a delicate political situation.
006 "Raging Fury" 72193.1 An Elorg virus infects the Starlight crew.
007 "Strange Counterpoints" 72239.4 Christopher and Erin Keller become stranded on a desolate alien world.
008 "Ghost Ship" 72285.4 Lucas Tompkins and Kendell Johnson study a strange alien starship from the edge of the galaxy.
009 "Laws and Orders" 72312.2 Christopher tries to recruit the bumbling Rutanians in the fight against the Elorg.
010 "In the Line of Fire, Part I" The Elorg fleet starts to move against the Federation.
011 "In the Line of Fire, Part II" Freed from their Interspace realm, the Ividians go on the offensive.
012 "A Phantom and a Rose" 72416.8 The Yelss try to kidnap Erin Keller.
013 "Prime Directive" Sarah Hartman stumbles upon a top secret Federation warship.
014 "Black Fire" Matthew Harrison introduces Christopher to the land of Lordaeron.
015 "The Art of Deception" Johnson and Talyere find themselves alone on the Starlight.
016 "Strike Zone" A spatial anomaly threatens the Aurillac system.
017 "Ground Zero" The Starlight crew prepares for the coming storm.
018 "When the Shadows Steal the Light" With the Starlight heavily damaged, the Romulans invade the Aurillac sector.
019 "Aftermath" Federation and Romulan forces clash; Species 8472 appears on the Starlight.
020 "The Joining" Jayla Trinn is forced to choose between her unborn child and the Kota Symbiont.
021 "Roulette" The Nakari force Harrison into a deadly game of roulette.
022 "Delicate Affection" Kendall Johnson deals with his feelings toward Erin Keller.
023 "Nocturne in the Moonlight" 72909.6 Christopher and Keller must travel to a parallel universe to stop a Borg attack.
024 "Requiem" Hoping to gather intelligence on the Federation, Xi'Yor challenges Talyere.

Season 2[]

Season 2 is set in 2396.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
025 "Silent Adversary"' 73016.8 Christopher searches for a mole on the Starlight; Xi'Yor interrogates Talyere.
026 "Awakenings" 73038.1 The Starlight encounters the Crystalline Entity; Rachel Meyer fights for her life.
027 "Cell Divisions" 73124.2 Captain Christopher takes extreme measures to secure an Omega molecule.
028 "Brothers and Sisters" 73171.3 Harrison leads a mutiny on the Starlight; Starfleet investigates the Omega particle.
029 "Reconciliation" 73205.7 An alien probe causes Bator to relive the final hours of the Phobian republic.
030 "From Hell's Heart" 73246.7 Lucas and Kendall come upon a dangerous relic from the Dominion War.
031 "Velora, Part 1" 73286.4 Christopher and Keller make first contact with the Velora Aggregate.
032 "Velora, Part 2" 73319.6 The Starlight crew struggle to survive as prisoners of the Velora.
033 "Termina" 73392.7 Johnson and Keller are entwined in the history of a world formed by a time anomaly.
034 "Accretion Disk" 73425.6 The Starlight seeks refuge in an accretion disk to evade the Mersah Tolidas.
035 "Spirit of the Night" 73519.6 Keller must deal with her ill feelings toward the Velora.
036 "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec" 73576.1 Xi'Yor plans to move against the Federation; Admiral O'Connor arrives.
037 "Rising Terrors" 73591.9 Christopher's sister goes missing; the Cerebrate arrives to meet with Xi'Yor.
038 "Moral Compass" 73604.1 Talyere and Nafar form a pact; Christopher and Keller find an Elorg weapon.
039 "Between Dark Places" 73625.5 Federation and Elorg forces clash; Talbot leads the mission to rescue Talyere.
040 "The Long Road" 73688.2 Feeling his life has reached the point of no return, Johnson contemplates suicide.
041 "Soul Searching" 73704.38 Tompkins and Drayge take the Aztec on its maiden voyage.
042 "Black and White" 73749.3 The Cardassians try to forge an alliance with the Elorg.
043 "Treading Thin Ice" 73741.8 Z'danorax arranges to have Xi'Yor eliminated; Nafar strengthens the resistance.
044 "Manifest Destiny" 73758.4 The Starlight crew must retrieve a derelict Federation ship from a pre-warp civilization
045 "Containment" 73811.9 The crew find the remains of another Starlight in a massive debris field.
046 "Pandora's Box" 73857.9 Tompkins and Harrison investigate a highly advanced Burmecian ship.
047 "A Moment of Truth" 73925.3 Hartman's cure for Christopher's illness has an unfathomably high price.
048 "Meridian Dance" 73997.6 The Elorg capture the USS Merrimac, causing an all-out war with the Federation.

Season 3[]

Season 3 is set in 2397.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
049-050 "Angelus Erarre"' Enraged over Rachel Meyer's death, Christopher seeks to take revenge on Xi'Yor.
051 "Behind Enemy Lines"' The Starlight goes on a mission to destroy the Elorg rift; Alan is interrogated.
052 "Desperate Measures"' The Federation seeks allies against the Elorg; Keller has concerns about Bali.
053 "Checkmate"' Federation and Elorg forces clash at Ciden II; Christopher fights Xi'Yor.
054 "Confessions and Confrontations"' As the war winds down, the Starlight crew deal with its aftermath.
055 "Missing Links"' Johnson unravels a prehistoric mystery; terrorists strike at the Federation Council.
056 "Fire and Ice"' A shuttle accident strands the Starlight crew on an alien planet.
057 "The Sacrifice of Innocents"' Trust me, you don't want to know...
058 "Eleventh Hour"' The Starlight must journey to the ends of time to stop a Yelss plot.
059 "Decision Bells"' When a Velora outpost is attack, the Starlight crew discover Starfleet is involved.
060 "Ring of Fire, Part 1"' The Starlight crew race to capture an 8472 bioship before the Velora can get to it.
061 "Ring of Fire, Part 2"' The Starlight crew try to retake the ship from the Velora/Garidians.
062 "A Perchance to Dream"' Tompkins' experiment with dream recording technology goes awry.
063 "Affirmation"' Talyere uncovers evidence of a deadly Federation campaign during the war.
064 "Balance of Power"' A manic Alan Christopher from another universe seeks to destroy his counterparts.
065 "Landmarks"' Johnson and Reinbold uncover a dark secret on a new Federation colony.
066 "Sodom and Gomorrah"' Unhappy with the peace treaty, Xi'Yor seeks dangerous new allies.
067 "Paradigms"' Alan and Erin struggle to adopt Angela; the Starlight confronts the Remans.
068 "Witch Hunt"' Alan, Megan, and Lucas go undercover to rescue a Federation scientist.
069 "A Touch of Darkness"' Talyere and Xi'Yor go to the Zhargosia Sector to search for the Ghaib.
070 "Mystic Invasion"' The Starlight falls victim to a mysterious computer virus.
071 "Once Upon a Wedding..."' Alan and Erin finally get hitched... Too bad it's pure crap!
072 "The Odyssey, Part 1"' The mystery in the Zhargosia sector suddenly becomes an intergalactic ordeal.

Season 4[]

Season 4 is set in 2398.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
073 "The Odyssey, Part 2"' The Starlight crew must form new alliances to survive in the Zukara Segment.
074 "In the Heart of Darkness"' Christopher and his new allies must face the Drusari in battle .
075 "New Blood"' Prisoner aboard a Yelss ship, Lucas begins to question his mysterious surroundings.
076 "Infinity"' The crew begin to unravel the Drusari plans; Lucas explores the Yelss ship.
077 "Twilight of the Gods"' The final hours of the conflict with the Drusari.
078 "Monarch on the Shore"' The Romulans are suspected of creating weapons of mass destruction.
079 "Spectrum"' The Komali exclude Drayge from a shuttle test because of his race.
080 "The Fields of Asphodel, Part 1"' A message from the Romulan underground movement brings the Starlight to Romulus.
081 "The Fields of Asphodel, Part 2"' Alan works to forge an alliance with Tomalak; Keller faces the Tal Shiar in battle.
082 "Twenty-Four Hours"' A day in the life of the Starlight and its crew.
083 "A Link to the Past"' Bator and Christopher track down an ancient Phobian station.
084 "Aria of Sorrows"' Talyere is summoned to Kalidar to oversee the installation of a new Cerebrate.
085 "The Sands of Time"' A Kendall Johnson from the future arrives with news of a dangerous foe.
086 "A Fear of the Heavens"' Alan and Erin struggle to teach Angela about life and death after a tragedy.
087 "Cat and Mouse"' The Federation Council is divided when Makar proposes a campaign against Romulus
088 "The Culling"' The Starlight is caught in the middle of a Romulan-Tholian alliance.
089 "Descent into Chaos"' Christopher and Tomalak meet in a desperate attempt to avert war.
090 "Kalidar Rising"' Xi'Yor's plans to restore the Elorg Bloc set into motion.
091 "Visions of Zirat"' Megan seeks out the mysterious planet that has plagued her dreams.
092 "Destinies of Flame and Sorrow"' Romulan and Federation forces clash near Talon IV; the Elorg plan to attack Earth.
093 "Ghosts"' As the Bolians and Trill prepare for war, Rachael Meyer questions her universe.
094 "Renegade"' Discord in a penal colony sends the Starlight on a mission to unlock dark secrets.
095-096 "Screams of Armageddon"' Xi'Yor leads the Elorg in a devastating attack on Earth.

Season 5[]

Season 5 is set in 2399.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
097 "In Memoriam"' The Federation deals with the aftermath of the Elorg attck.
098 "Toccata and Fugue"' Xi'Yor tests Ra'thenn's loyalty; Talyere plots a rise to power.
099 "Moments of Transition"' Harrision takes command of the Columbia; Alan and Justin are stranded on a planet.
100 "The Storm"' The destruction of a Velora colony leads to the discovery of a new foe.
101-102 "Retribution"' Christopher must form an alliance with the Ii'zyyr'aa to stop the Velora.
103 "Lost Worlds"' Talyere and Christopher study an Iconian ship; Xi'Yor continues to plot...
104 "Adversaries"' Keller and Hartman capture Ra'thenn on a remote alien world.
105 "Dimensional Analysis"' A temporal accident sends Johnson and Tompkins 20 years into the future.
106 "Light and Shadow"' Starlight vs. Columbia in a Starfleet tactical simulation.
107 "Dominion"' Harrison works with the Dominion to find Ghodan Makar.
108 "Nature of the Beast"' Hoping for a promotion, Drayge considers the fate of some aliens under siege.
109 "The Oracle of Ages"' Johnson must track a rogue Iconian through the timeline.
110 "Gaiden"' With his temporal technology a success, Johnson considers eliminating Alan.
111 "Shadows of an Empire"' Talyere and Xi'Yor each set out to restore the Elorg Bloc to power.
112 "The Fall of Cardassia Prime"' Hoping to unite the Breen, Harrison and Talyere seek out Overseer Aladar.
113 "Rebena Te Ra"' A distress signal leads Talyere to the mysterious world of lore.
114 "Trial by Fire"' Erin struggles with the morality of her treatment; Alan interrogates Xi'Yor.
115 "The Treachery of a Queen"' The Starlight is disabled by unknown forces...
116 "Eclipse"' The crew try to escape from Eredas-Il. Xi'Yor plans to attack Rebena Te Ra.
117 "Horn and Ivory"' The Federation attacks Eredas-Il; the Starlight crew make their escape.
118 "Words Better Left Unspoken"' The crew battle personal demons while the ship battles Xi'Yor.
119-120 "Where Angels Fear to Tread"' The final episode of Star Trek: The Final Frontier.

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