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Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier was a series of novels written by John Humble. The first two books in the series, Baptism of Fire and Archangel were completed and made available online prior to the passing of the author in February of 2009. The series focused on the crew of the Nebula-class starship USS Repulse, beginning in 2370 and moving forward from there.


The Nomad Frontier is a PG-13 series, focusing on some of the more action-orientated aspects of the Star Trek universe. As a result, the stories generally eschew time travel, supernatural beings and parallel universe(s). The series is faithful to established Star Trek canon, and merely provides a 'what if' perspective from another point of view. Each book in the series is full length, numbering over 100,000 words. The characters will be aware of the activities of both TNG and DS9, but there will not be any in depth crossovers between the series.

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The continuity includes the following canon works:



  • 1. Baptism of Fire
  • 2. Archangel

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Star Trek: Nomad Frontier
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