Star Trek: The Quarterdeck Breed is an anthology series of short stories written by Michael D. Garcia. The purpose of each of the stories is to explore the various philosophies of command within Starfleet, from the perspective of different officers at different times in history. The first story, Agamemnon, was published at on April 2, 2002. The series was announced as completed on February 3, 2008.

Summary textEdit

"Spanning the generations of Starfleet history, the one tennant that ties them all together are the various philosophies of command. The power of starship captains affect the consequences of the future, and so that kind of power must be used with caution and pause.

From the wild frontier of the formative years to the refined maturity of a post-Dominion War fleet, the philosophy of command remains as constant as the speed of light."


The series originally began as an experiment into writing non-alternate universe fiction. The series followed after the completion of the January McKenna saga, detailing a Borg-infested Federation and the war to take back the Alpha Quadrant. This was also a chance to try one-shot stories, although the Agamemnon story proved to be so popular on, that it spawned a sequel novella, The Sacrifice of Agamemnon.

The title of the anthology comes from a line from the novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Gene Roddenberry, where Doctor Leonard McCoy hounds Fleet Admiral Nogura about James T. Kirk being a prime example of the "quarterdeck breed."

Canon and continuityEdit

The continuity of Star Trek: The Quarterdeck Breed includes the following canon works:

The anthology has yet to explore beyond the timeframe of Star Trek: Voyager. Whether or not other canonical sources are used has yet to be seen. Additionally, no fanon sources has been utilized within the stories. The anthology is careful to maintain the integrity of the universe portrayed by providing alternative viewpoints of events that may have transpired on television or motion picture screens.


# Title Status Summary
1 Agamemnon Published Stardate 53441.4 (Post Dominion War): Coming off of a long tour of duty aboard the Excelsior-class starship USS Fearless, Lieutenant Commander Richard James receives his transfer to the Apollo-class USS Agamemnon. although he knows that it will be tough to transfer from the exploration arm of the fleet to the Border Patrol, he is surprised to see exactly how lax a crew can get under the loose command style of his new CO, Captain Grayum.
2 Bellerophon Published No Stardate Given: Command cadet Randy Duke might be a part of a Starfleet legacy, but his crew of young cadets don't think he can hack it when they try to rescue the Kobayashi Maru.
3 Constitution Published No Date Given (Pre-TOS): Upon completion of the first vessel of the Constitution-class, Rear Admiral Clifford Winslow does everything in his power to ensure that he is appointed captain of the USS Constitution, with a little help from his friends. Special appearance by Captain Robert April.
4 Dallas Published Stardate 51901.54 (Dominion War): Lieutenant Kenneth Ushiyama is in love with his commanding officer, Commander Emoni Lau. The problem is, he's her first officer and they're deep behind enemy lines, as the USS Dallas fight their way back to the Federation border with crucial intelligence for Starfleet. Is there room in Stafleet for love and service? Special appearance by Agamemnon's Captain Hank Grayum.
5 Exeter Published Stardate 53285.81 (Post-Dominion War): Just after the end of the Dominion War, Lieutenant Commander Indira Sukhija is ordered to assume temporary command of the Ambassador-class starship USS Exeter after the departure of her commanding officer. Her mission: to bring Exeter home for decommissioning.
6 Farragut Published Stardate 44001.54 (Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4): Captain Krystine M. Leone and the crew of the Nebula-class heavy cruiser USS Farragut race alongside two other starships to make it to Wolf 359 in time. Special appearance by Lieutenant (jg) January McKenna.
7 Gallant Published Stardate 61554.29 (Post-Dominion War): Following the death of her captain and close friend, Caitian executive officer M'ree sallies forth with her grief ever-present, while another officer assumes command of Gallant.

Novellas & sequelsEdit

A sequel to the Agamemnon short story, entitled The Sacrifice of Agamemnon, was published after the Dallas short story was released on It continues the story, from the perspective of Rihannsu Galae khre'Arrain t'Aimne, now serving as executive officer.

Another sequel to the Farragut short story is on the drawing board, following Captain Leone's adventures. Whether this will be a short story or a novel(la) has not yet been made clear by the author. A home page for a new series of stories has been set up, and the title of the series is Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead.

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